Pre Production Meeting in Apparel Industry

Pre Production Meeting in Apparel Industry

A pre-production meeting is known as PP meeting in Garments or Apparel industry. In a pre-production meeting discussion of every important issue related to bulk production is done, so that respected parties can ensure successful shipment of ordered goods. In a PP meeting what type of precautionary measures that need to be taken by the company is being set. A pre-production meeting is basically a meeting before starting bulk production, to set every parameter and core decision of production. This article is all about pre-production meeting in the apparel industry.

Pre Production Meeting in Apparel Industry

Working Procedure of Pre Production Meeting

  1. Make a plan of bulk Production
  2. Make layout
  3. Review PP sample/Size set sample/ 1st Production.
  4. Discussing all the process parameter of every section.
  5. Review all checklist of PP meeting.
  6. Giving special instruction for bulk production.
  7. Find out all construction and structural defects of PP sample/Size set/1st production

Merchandiser confirms that all necessary items are already in-house for finished garments.

Some Important Documents to Present in PP Meeting

  • Purchase order sheet (PO Sheet)
  • Fabric inventory Report
  • Trims and Accessories inventory Report
  • Shade Grading Report
  • Shrinkage Report
  • Fabric Inspection Report
  • Trims and Accessories inspection Report

Attendances of Parties in Pre Production Meeting

PP meeting can be held in buying house or factory or in both. These respective people need to be present in Pre-Production Meeting:

  • Buying QC
  • Merchandiser
  • Technical Team
  • Head of Warehouse
  • Head of cutting
  • Head of Sewing
  • Head of Finishing
  • Production Representative/PM
  • Quality Representative
  • Industrial Engineer

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