Working Flow Chart of Textile Industry

Working Flow Chart of Textile Industry

The textile industry produces textile materials. Different sectors of this industry are spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, and garments. Basically the working flow chart of the textile industry consists of getting a buyer order, understanding buyer requirements, brought raw material, set program, start production, processing step by step, finishing (if need), testing product, the qualified product according to buyer requirement and finally make delivery to the buyer according to the buyer requirements. I made a common flow chart to show how they work which is given below:

working flow chart of textile industry
Working Flow Chart of Textile Industry
  • Buyer requirement refers to which process will be done, how to do that, Quality of the product. Everything they provide with the order. They control the manufacturing process.
  • Raw materials are relative words. Spinning raw material is textile fiber, for weaving yarn, for wet processing Grey fabric. So feed material is a raw material for any kind of textile production.
  • The industry has to provide to buyer the latest update of their production order in proper time.
Working Flow Chart of Textile Industry

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