Flow Chart of Wet Processing of Woven Fabrics

Wet processing is related to the manufactured gathering of fibers, filaments and yarns. It is a process involved with the aqueous stage of pretreatment, dyeing, printing, and finishing.

Wet Processing

In a broader sense wet processing is the process of inspection of grey fabric, stitching, singeing, resizing, scouring, bleaching, sample testing, mercerizing, souring, washing, sample testing, dying, after treatment, printing, finishing, a quality test of a sample, assure quality, inspection, rolling, packing and finally deliver to buyer.

Wet processing is a very important process of fabric. It is a Textile engineering department. Wet processing engineering is one of the major streams in textile engineering refers to textile chemical processing engineering and applied science. There a lot of factories just for wet processing call dying industry/mill.

wet processing

Flow Chart of Wet Processing of Woven Fabrics

  • Sample tests after bleaching: pH, Absorbency, whiteness, Tegwa
  • Sample test after Mercerizing: pH, Absorbency

Quality test after finishing: all quality tests according to buyer requirement and keep all quality of their want.

Flow Chart of Wet Processing of Woven Fabrics

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