Flow Chart of Rotor Yarn Manufacturing

Rotor spinning is known also open-end spinning or breaks spinning. Now it becomes very popular spinning.

 Features of Rotor spinning process

  • Yarn Coarser than carded or combed yarn
  • Low count. Generally 20 counts, highest 40s
  • Yarn Use for coarser fabric
  • Low manufacturing coast.
  • Produced by low graded fiber
  • High productivity
  • Less wastage percentage
  • No need of Simplex machine
  • Less labor
  • High capital cost
  • Mainly use to manufacturing Denim jeans fabric
  • Low price
  • Machine speed very high

Flow chart of Rotor yarn manufacturing/ Open-end spinning process

flow chart of rotor yarn manufacturing
Flow Chart of Rotor Yarn Manufacturing

*Rotor spinning process eliminates some process of spinning.

Flow Chart of Rotor Yarn Manufacturing

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