Layout, SMV and Operation Breakdown of Garments Finishing Process

After completion of the sewing process, what process remains to complete finished garments is called garments finishing the process, also a different section. Not only the sewing process, but also finishing also important and have lots of processes like trimming, pressing, and quality inspection, ticketing, folding, and packing.

Operation Breakdown of Pant (Bottom) Finishing Process

Finishing is the last step before shipping garments. Here I am giving all process lists, SMV, Layout, and process-wise production targets. Hopefully, you will have a detailed idea of Layout, SMV, and Operation Breakdown of Garments Finishing Process.

Process Layout and Production Target of Pant Finishing Process

NOOperation/Process NamesType ofMNL OPR100%WorkerCountTGT
1Loop cut  (5pcs 5 point)H0.252401.131240
2Thread cut (top+in side+Side seam+Hem fray clean)H1.2505.445250
3Pkt clean(5pcs)H0.252401.131240
4Re-Inforcement cut (06 point)H0.23000.911300
5Body carrying to iron section & iron section to Q.I tableH
6Inside IronIRN0.252401.131240
7Inside checkQI0.41501.812300
8Body turnover+ Gmts countingH0.154000.681400
9Top side checkQI0.41501.812300
10Alter rcetify (Gmts+Label)OP0.252401.131240
11Body carrying to btn section & btn section to Q,I tableH
12Shank Btn att.(01 pcs)OP0.16000.451600
13Rivet attach (5ps)OP0.41501.812300
14Button+Rivet checkQI0.23000.911300
15Thread suckingH0.16000.451600
16Lather patch attachOP0.351711.592343
17Full Body IronIRN0.7863.173257
18Measurement check 03 pointQI0.41501.812300
19Get up checkQI0.41501.812300
20Match book attachPM0.252401.131240
21Price tag makePM0.351711.591171
22Price Tag attachPM0.154000.681400
23Label check/Shade label cutPM0.252401.131240
24Shade SheparatePM0.32001.361200
25Body sizing/RatioPM0.252401.131240
26Hard tag attachPM0.23000.911300
27Leg sticker att+ Body dustH0.32001.361200
29Poly close.PM0.252401.131240
30Carton ClosePM0.252401.131240
31EDI + Carton sticker attachPM0.23000.911300
Layout, SMV and Operation Breakdown of Garments Finishing Process
Type of WorkerCountAvailableShort/Plus
Total Manpower41
100% TGT272
70% TGT190
Layout, SMV and Operation Breakdown of Garments Finishing Process

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