Common Flow Chart of Apparel Dyeing

Apparel Dyeing is a process by which color is applied to apparel. Basically through the dyeing process color is applied to the fabric. Dyeing is used for giving fashionable look on fabric and using these fabric, garments manufacture denim, t-shirt, sweater, Shirt, jackets, etc. In this article, we will show you the common flow chart of apparel dyeing and its objectives.

Objectives of Dyeing

  • To produce fashionable garments by changing the outlook.
  • Comparatively low cost
  • Different shade can be accepted in the same batch

Basic Dyeing Process of Garments/Flow Chart

Process Flow Garments Dyeing

The mainly dyeing process is applied on grey fabric and after completing the whole process we get colored fabric. But remember one thing that after Dyeing you have to wash your fabrics.

Flow Chart of Apparel Dyeing

Flow Chart of Apparel Dyeing

If closely see the flow process of complete Dyeing of fabric, then you may identify the following procedure. Earlier I said that the Dyeing process starts with grey fabrics/garments then loading into the Dyeing machine, after that pre-treatment and bleaching garments, then Dyeing, fixing (after treatment), and finally, we will get finished dyed fabrics.

Common Flow Chart of Apparel Dyeing

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