An Overview of Textile Machines Used for Textile Manufacturing

In the period of 1760s to sometime between 1820 to 1840 Industrial revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes. This transition brings changes like[…]

What is RFT, RFT Factors and Calculation in Apparel Industry

What does Right First Time (RFT) Mean? Right, First Time is lean tools that mean doing the thing right in the first time which can[…]

Kanban Board in Garments Manufacturing Production Floor

Kanban Board in Garments Manufacturing Production Floor What is Kanban? Kanban is a visual card or billboard; Japanese word which meaning Cards or board, a[…]

Management Levels and Their Functions in Textile and Apparel

If you are involved with the apparel industry or you have an interest in working in any level of management, then you must know the[…]

Compliance Audit Checklist in Apparel Industry

Compliance Audit in the Apparel Industry A compliance audit is one kind of audit that is specially designed for auditing the compliance issues related to[…]

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