Manufacturing Process of Garments Sample

How to Make Garments Sample

Today I am going to discuss the manufacturing process of the garments sample. Sample section is a very important section of the garments industry. Garments styling mainly engaged with design, cutting or sewing which is done in the sample section as buyer’s requirement.

Manufacturing Process of Garments Sample

manufacturing process of garments sample
Flow Chart of Garment Sample Manufacturing

Now I am going to discuss this term of the above flow chart.


This is the first of garments manufacturing. For this step is mainly done by a designer and designing team. Generally, this design or sketch is given by buyers. Sample section does sample on given sketch or design.

Basic Block

A basic block is an individual component of garments without any design or style.

Working Pattern

Working pattern is that pattern which is made for a particular style with net dimension.

Sample Garments

For bulk production, sample garments are needed.

Production-related problem

If there is any kind of problem then this problem should be eliminated in this step.

Approved Sample

After completing the sample, a sample is sent to a buyer for approval. The sample which is approved by buyers is called approved sample.

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Manufacturing Process of Garments Sample

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