Consumption of a Trouser

Consumption of a Trouser

Consumption determination of fabric is a very important term in the textile sector. Since it depends on fabric prices therefore accurate and closure consumption will reduce fabric wastage which will be beneficial for producing trouser with a competitive cost. So, we should keep proper knowledge of fabric consumption properly. Hopefully, after reading this article you will understand how you can calculate the consumption of a trouser. Before taking order from buyer’s, it is merchandiser responsibility to calculate the fabric consumption of trouser then according to the consumption and costing bargain with the buyer.

Here today I am going to present the fabric consumption of a trouser.

Fabric Consumption of a Trouser

Consumption per dozen (when all measurement is in cm)

Consumption of a trouser

Measurement of Consumption of a Trouser

Consumption per dozen (when all measurement is in inch)

consumption of trouser

So, according to given value fabric consumption per piece, 0.224 or 0.225 kg/piece.

Engineer Sheikh Nurja

B.Sc engineer of textile


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