Overlock Sewing Machine Types and Specifications

Overlock Sewing Machine

The overlock machine is different from the lockstitch sewing machine, cut the edge of fabrics, and cover two parts of fabrics by stitching. Overlock machine has different types of specifications, from 2/3 to 6 threads that e used. Here in this article, we will have a tail discussion of Overlock Sewing Machine Types, Specifications, and Technical Adjustment.

Overlock Sewing Machine

Overlock Sewing Machine Types, Specifications and Technical Adjustment

Overlock Stitch

Types of Overlock Sewing Machine

An overlock / over edge machine is a high-speed sewing machine. This is the quickest performing machine for giving overedge stitches. Overlock Machines Are available in following Specifications

  1. 2 Thread Overlock machine
  2. 3 Thread Overlock Machine
  3. 4 Thread Overlock Machine
  4. 5 Thread Overlock Machine
  5. 6 Thread Overlock Machine

Overlock Sewing Machine Types, Specifications and Technical Adjustment

The Relationship between Overlock Machine and Number of Thread Used

Serial No. Machine Name No. Of Threads use Total threads use
Needle Looper
1 2 Thread Overlock Machine 1 1 2
2 3 Thread Overlock Machine 1 2 3
3 4 Thread Overlock Machine 2 2 4
4 5 Thread Overlock Machine 2 3 5
5 6 Thread Overlock Machine 3 3 6

Features of Overlock Sewing Machine

  1. Maximum Machine speed 6500 SPM (vary operation wise)
  2. Stitch can be made using 2,3,4,5 or 6 threads, depending on the no. of needles and looper
  3. Stitch length 2 to 4 mm
  4. Stitching type- Overlock stitch
  5. The used feed is Deferential feed
  6. Oil lubrication system- Automatic
  7. Used in Woven, knit; all types of garments

Technical Adjustment of Overlock Machine

Technical adjustments that are to be taught while dealing with OVERLOCK machines are given below. Trainers should keep the following points in mind during the session of OVERLOCK machine

  • First, demonstrate the adjustment then ask trainees to practice on the machine.
  • Use the Instructional manual given by the machinery supplier during Session
  • Make sure, all the trainees are able to understand the Instructional manual.
  • The practice of sewing on a machine is also necessary.

Technical Adjustments Points of Overlock Machine

  1. Basic Machine Practice
  2. Technical Specification
  3. Installation of needle
  4. Needle bar height adjustment
  5. Needle to lower looper timing
  6. Upper Looper Timing
  7. Chain looper timing (Safety Stitch)
  8. Upper Knife Adjustment
  9. Lower Knife adjustment
  10. Feed Dog height adjustment
  11. Cam Timing
  12. Thread Adjustment

Overlock Sewing Machine Types, Specifications and Technical Adjustment pdf

Overlock Sewing Machine Types and Specifications

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  1. It’s good to know that overlock sewing machines are compatible with most fabrics including knitted garments. I’ve been thinking about learning to sew my own clothes since I do like wearing costumes whenever I go to conventions. Perhaps buying an overlock sewing machine would be a good first step since it seems to be quite a versatile tool.

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