Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

In this fast-paced world, innovation and advancement come through technology. With the advancement of technology, we are acknowledging various advanced situations and results. Nowadays, everything is going digital, and probably most of us are cherishing the advancement of technology and digitalization.

The world is ever-changing, and with the advancement of technology, digital aspects are becoming more prominent in managing every business market. When the digital world is able to deal with the lifeline of society: business, it is clear that it has inherited the attraction of people long ago.

Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

However, the digital world is creating a more competitive market for people, and thus, due to high competition, organizations are trying to become more efficient in managing their operations.

Guess what!

They are allowing their employees flexibility as well as pressure to be competitive. Here come the bad aspects of digitalization. Well, the bad consequences of technology are indirectly related to the eyes of human beings.

Heavy usage of computers, laptops, and tablets is increasing pressure on our eyes. This is why we feel dry eyes and headaches these days. Hours of work in front of the computer constantly harm our eyes in various ways. LED lights, fluorescent lights, and even sun rays also harm our eyes.

What Are Blue Light Glasses?

The only solution as of now is to consider the blue light glasses with the perfect prescription lenses. But before we consider these glasses, we need to understand what blue light glasses are.

Blue lights come from various sources and especially digital sources. It has the heavy energy of wavelengths on the visible spectrum. The impact of these blue lights on our eyes is very much in the long run.

You might ignore the importance of saving your eye from harmful blue rays, but after a certain point of age, you will feel the consequences.

So, it’s better to go for the solution, and it’s better to go for

Blue light glasses are specially crafted by designers to reduce the effects of blue lights on your eyes. It is designed with surface coatings or filter glasses which helps to reduce the insertion of a part of blue light into the eyes.

Blue light glasses are efficient enough in protecting your eyes from eye strains and also reduce potential damage to the retina. Prolonged exposure to blue light can be dangerous for anyone, and thus blue light glasses are in trend these days.

Symptoms Of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is very common these days as the usage of digital tools is high. No matter what job you are doing, we all are accustomed to smartphones, and that’s where the risk lies.

E-reading is also a popular method these days to hike the reading process with flexibility for millions of people. However, due to the increased practice related to digitized processes, CVS is occurring in people.

CVS depicts the digital eye strain and also considers vision-related problems. In addition, there are various symptoms we may acknowledge due to CVS.

  • Headaches.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Eye strain.
  • Shoulder or neck pain.
  • Sore eyes.

Various factors work as a cause of the CVS. For instance, poor lighting, screen glare, and improper distance between the digital screen and the eyes are crucial among the causes.

Why Are Blue Light Glasses Good For You?

Mobiles, TVs, tablets, and computers are awfully bad for our eyes. This is because these are the source of harmful blue lights. With these digital devices, we get prolonged exposure to blue lights.

Commonly, when you are using digital screens, you are constantly scrolling and thus shifting your eyes on the screen, and that attracts the glare and contrast of the screen, which may affect your eye retina.

According to doctors, most eye problems occur these days due to exposure to light. But if you start wearing blue light glasses, you can significantly protect your eyes from the detrimental short-wave blue light.

On the other hand, it also helps to prevent CVS symptoms like headaches and eye strain. In addition, these eyeglasses also have the ability to provide you with a better sleeping pattern altogether.

Melatonin is an important hormone to our body to help enrich our sleeping quality. Blue lights affect the secretion of melatonin which is disturbing for our sleep, and thus we can protect those blue lights by using blue light glasses.

Do They Really Work?

If you are a gamer or a fan of web series, or a hard worker (in front of the computers) in the competitive market, blue light lenses can really work for you. This is a reliable source to help you with two substantial benefits: better sleep and reduced eye strain.

On the other hand, any kind of harmful rays from the digital screen can be restricted through blue light lenses. For instance, LED fluorescent lights are filled with blue light rays, and that is why blue light lenses have become popular these days.

Apart from that, reducing headaches, eye fatigue, and strains are the extra benefits of using these eyeglasses. In 2019, an American study suggested that blue light glasses are useful in dealing with the sleeping order of a person.

Hence, these blue light glasses are extremely effective in blocking the absorption of blue light and also moderate the wavelength to circadian rhythm.

Few Tips For Dealing With Digital Strains

After understanding the importance of blue light glasses and their long-term usage benefits, this is the time for us to give you some pro tips to keep your eyes safe from any danger.

However, blue light glasses are not the only glasses that are not the only solution to every problem of your eyes. You can focus on many other things to keep your eyes healthy.

  • People with migraines have light sensitivity issues, and for them, light-sensitivity glasses apart from blue lenses are necessary.
  • The 20-20-20 rule is truly effective in managing long working hours in front of the screen. Try to look 20 feet away for 22 seconds with a gap of every 20 minutes.
  • Using artificial tears in advance can help your eyes be lubricated while working on the computer.
  • Also, try to sit 25 inches away from the screen so that the eye-screen distance can be maintained.
Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

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