Digital Merchandising and E-commerce Merchandising

What is Digital Merchandising?

We all familiar with the term “merchandising” which actually functioning for contacting prospective buyers, do price negotiation, induce to purchase offering best price and quality, take an order and finally deliver the product to meet customer satisfaction. But now there is an advancement in the process of merchandising because of modern technology “Digital Communication System” for merchandising. Digital merchandising is also known as online merchandising or virtual merchandising. The person who is responsible for digital merchandising is known as a digital merchandiser. The demand for digital merchandisers is increasing day by day because of higher access to a digital device to the customers.

In other words, digital merchandising is the most popular form of merchandising in recent times where user get digital access to the online-based store to purchase the product offered by the digital merchandisers.

If you want to do digital merchandising course then you may find many online based platform available free and paid basis. Choose the right one for your study. Please do some study before selecting the learning platform.

Advantages of Digital Merchandising

  • Easy to Reach to the Target Customers
  • Cost Effective Way of Merchandising
  • Real-time monitor customer’s behavior
  • Offer the right product to the right person
  • Fast Response time to the buyers
  • The flexibility of offering different products
  • Easy to promote products
  • Easy access to all over the world
What is Digital Merchandising and E-commerce Merchandising

What is E-commerce Merchandising?

E-commerce is electric commerce where the electric device is used for buying and selling of product. Whereas e-commerce merchandising is also a form merchandising or digital merchandising use the electric device connected with an online platform for the purpose of buying and selling of product. Here online connectivity is mandatory to communicate with the buyers and sellers. Web-based e-commerce is now getting popularity because of easy to choose the desired products and place an order. Another thing is here you can compare the price of products among available options of different suppliers or sellers. The main disadvantage is many e-commerce merchandisers deliver the poor quality product.

In other words, simply we can say that e-commerce merchandising is the process of digital merchandising where sellers display their products to the digital platform to attract customer and customer come to this platform to choose their desired product, order the product and receive the product.

Advantages of E-commerce Merchandising

  • Web-based service creates a user friendly environment for the customers, apps accessible from the smart devices.
  • Connected with an online payment gateway, so that customer can buy the product and pay instantly with a digital payment system.
  • Opportunity to provide best customer experience with visual outlook.
  • Offer region wise promotional offers to the target customers.
  • Easy segmentation of products based on sex, age, price level (high to low, low to high), color, level of demand, etc.
  • Both buyer and seller can access the e-commerce platform whenever they want to
  • Easy to receive customer feedback
  • No need a large retail outlet to sell the products.
  • Cost of merchandising is less
  • Easy to serve thousands of customers at a time.

Finally, digital merchandising and e-commerce merchandising both are more or less similar to their core functions. This creating an extra edge to the flexibility of online buying and selling of products with minimum efforts. Here customer need not go the store which saves time and energy of the customer and for the buyers, they are getting enough flexibility in business operations with the lower operating cost of doing business.

Digital Merchandising and E-commerce Merchandising

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