What Is The Dark Side Of Cryptocurrency?

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is surging at a breakneck speed. Many people are drawn to investing in currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litcoin because they appear safe and secure investments. Although it has been around for over a decade, cryptography has been a hot topic in the last few years. Millionaires and billionaires have already been made by those who have already invested in this new trend.

Dark Side Of Cryptocurrency

More and more businesses are accepting crypto-based payments, mainly Bitcoin, eliminating the need for banks to handle any transactions. The world’s largest company, Tesla, began taking Bitcoin payments only lately, giving the currency the boost it needed to achieve the $50,000 mark. Cryptography, like anything else, has a dark side. Cryptocurrency has its drawbacks or dark side, and we should be aware of them before deciding to invest in them. For more details and queries about cryptocurrency and Ethereum’s, visit ethereum code website.

Is The Cryptocurrency Business Doomed?

Mining is how Bitcoins, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, is created. The mining procedure necessitates the execution of numerous algorithms, each of which consumes a considerable amount of power. As a University of New Mexico economics professor, Benjamin Jones claims that the amount of energy required in Bitcoin mining is more significant than that used by countries like Ireland. The use of power is also a contributor to this problem. According to the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, the carbon footprints left by Bitcoin mining are equal to Argentina’s annual carbon footprint.

Others believe that the energy utilized to power this currency comes from renewable sources. On the other hand, environmentalists argue that miners typically use coal as their primary energy source.

According to an Oak Ridge Institute research published in 2018, a Bitcoin worth one dollar consumes 17 megajoules of energy. Cryptography has several drawbacks, but this one is the most devastating since it poses a threat to everyone on the planet, not just a few countries.

Extortion And Money Laundering Are Real Possibilities

There is a fear that cryptocurrency could make money laundering and extortion more convenient for criminals. Cryptocurrency also makes it easier for terrorist groups to raise funds abroad, a worldwide problem affecting many countries.

As the number of cryptocurrencies grows, extortion becomes easier. With the new monetary system comes an increase in a new type of criminality. Cybercriminals target large corporations that store or have invested in cryptocurrency to steal personal information. Such as usernames and passwords and their cryptocurrency holdings in the long run.

What’s The Economic Fallout?

Many experts are concerned about the global economic implications of cryptocurrencies. It is possible to employ cryptocurrencies in the so-called deep web for crimes such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, and the purchase of firearms, among other things. Aside from the fact that this is a criminal infraction, it also poses a significant threat to the economies of the countries involved since large sums of money might be laundered from one country to another via unlawful methods, causing financial harm in the destination country.

Cryptocurrencies were once valued just a few pennies, but today they’re worth thousands and even hundreds of dollars, making speculation a real possibility. Economies may suffer as a result of such speculative gains.

Banks and governments are losing control over the public due to the rise of cryptocurrency. It may appear to be a kind act, but is it? This power shift could eventually lead to a more extraordinary politicization of money and wealth, as governments and institutions have one aim while the people have another.

As a result, a more chaotic and severe economy could emerge without considering unemployment or holding those responsible accountable.

What Is The Degree Of Price Fluctuation?

There’s no telling when the bitcoin market may burst. It, however, might be circumvented by tying the cryptocurrency to a real-world or virtual asset.


Authorities have lost all control over cryptocurrency, as previously noted. Because they know they can’t control it, several countries have attempted to regulate it just as a formality. Even in countries where cryptocurrency is still unregulated, its use is rising. Cryptocurrency is a risky and easy target for criminals because it is entirely out of the hands of the government.

Is There No Way To Get A Refund Or Cancel My Order?

Even though cryptocurrency is unregulated, you cannot request a refund or cancellation once the crypto has left your wallet because of this fact alone. Because it’s a one-to-one transaction, neither party has any recourse if something goes wrong. However, like Binance, specific sites act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. If you don’t use one of these sites, you’re on your own when it comes to requesting a refund or cancellation.

Reality Isn’t Often So Rosy.

The decentralized nature of the crypto market allows it to be flexible in all directions. Many people think of it as a safe refuge for their money, but they fail to realize that this isn’t like investing in equities, where you can predict when the price will go up or down. There is still a lack of understanding regarding why, how, and when cryptocurrency prices fall, despite individuals being more aware of the factors contributing to price increases. If the cryptocurrency market starts to tumble, people actively move their money into cryptocurrencies. It is to store it for the future may lose a significant sum. Will crypto go as swiftly as it arrived, stealing your cash along the way?


Even entrepreneurs like Elon Musk believe that cryptocurrency is the future currency. Still, the real question is: will cryptocurrency make it to the future, or will it crash and burn along the way? Many specialists have expressed their concerns about the dangers of crypto. Its harmful impact on both the human and economic world. The objective behind blockchain and cryptography is to establish a digital currency that will eventually displace fiat money as a means of exchange. For all of us to benefit from this transition, though, we may have to pay the price. Can efficiently utilize cryptocurrency for illegal activity, generates many carbon footprints, cannot be regulated, and can not guarantee a profit in every situation.

What Is The Dark Side Of Cryptocurrency?

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