Display Your Company Logo on a Holiday Virtual Background

A holiday virtual background with room to display your company logo is one of the best ways to update your branding for the season. When you participate in remote meetings, your choice of a holiday-themed or seasonal background can ensure that your presentation looks timely. Find out more about some of the most popular holiday virtual backgrounds.

Display Your Company Logo on a Holiday Virtual Background

Let It Snow

Let It Snow is an invitingly casual virtual office background with logo to use during the holiday season. While this background does not feature any holiday-specific design elements, the warm color tones of the interior design contrast with the snowy trees and landscape that are visible outside. 

You can prominently display your business logo on a wall between two large windows with a view of the seasonal scenery. Potted plants and an ottoman with a blanket draped across complete this comfortable scene. This background is ideal for one-on-one calls and is also suitable for conferences or meetings.

Cozy Christmas

For an informal holiday background, consider customizing Cozy Christmas. This background design features a decorated Christmas tree complete with presents, a comfortable armchair and a side table with a lamp and a vase of flowers.

The Cozy Christmas background features prominent red and gold accents. If your business logo has a similar color scheme, you should consider customizing this background. You can also try out free Microsoft Teams backgrounds with watermarks to see how easy it is to add your logo and set up a background to use during virtual meetings.

Company Christmas

If you prefer to appear in a more professional-looking environment for meetings this holiday season, check out the Company Christmas office background. This background portrays a spacious office atrium complete with a large Christmas tree, additional Christmas trees in the background and a wreath.

The Company Christmas background includes space to showcase your business logo on a wall. This design also portrays winter scenery outside and has red indoor accents. This is a spacious-looking virtual office that can be ideal for delivering presentations and hosting or attending virtual meetings in which you want to impress other participants.

Urban Holidays

Urban Holidays is another virtual background with a holiday theme. This office background depicts a smaller workspace with a neutral color scheme and metallic accents. There are two Christmas trees in the foreground and a modern window reveals a city skyline during the winter.

The Urban Holidays background includes space to display your logo on a neutral gray brick wall. If you want a sleek and stylish virtual background design, Urban Holidays could be the right holiday virtual background. This background and other festive or seasonal designs can set a cheery tone for winter meetings and support your promotional strategy this holiday season.

These four holiday and seasonal virtual background designs each designate space to display a business logo. No matter which style of background you choose, the setting in which you appear and display your logo should reinforce the message you want to send about your brand.

Display Your Company Logo on a Holiday Virtual Background
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