Responsibilities of Apparel Merchandiser

What are the Responsibilities of an Apparel Merchandiser

In the Apparel sector now a day’s Apparel Merchandising is a well known and preferable job profile. As a student of textile engineering, many of us dream to be an Apparel merchandiser. This job carrier is also well known to other people beside textile-related personnel. If you want to be an apparel merchandiser then you must know the responsibilities of apparel merchandiser.

responsibilities of apparel merchandiser


The word Merchandising comes from the word Merchandise. Merchandise means buying and selling something.

The whole activity of merchandise ( means the activities of promoting the sale of goods) is “Merchandising”. Merchandising is a process/function for what to buy and how to sell. In other word merchandising is the marketing activity responsible for ensuring a product’s desirability, both in qualitative and quantitative

The person who deals with the merchandise is called Merchandiser. If a person deals with apparel merchandising then the person is called “Apparel Merchandiser”.

merchandising cycle
Merchandising Cycle

Merchandising Process

Mainly merchandising is a part of the marketing process. There are required 4 P’s to complete the whole process of merchandising.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place/Distribution
  • Promotion

Responsibilities of Apparel Merchandiser

  1. Doing work with buyers/sellers closely and determining a range of commodities or goods to sell.
  2. Doing work at the right time in the right place considering time & place for buying goods demand
  3. Calculation of the prices of goods
  4. Preparing current sales figure
  5. Giving policy guidelines to the buyers
  6. Taking responsibility promotion, display
  7. With the help of merchandising manager determining a strategy of goods
  8. Monitoring stock management
  9. Preparing purchase orders to match the range plan from buyers
  10. For the buyers preparing detailed spreadsheets
  11. Planning for the whole production process and financial process
  12. Ensuring purchase order raised to budgets.
  13. Fabric and accessories sourcing and tracking
  14. Negotiation with buyers/factories/and others about cost price.
  15. Approving samples.
  16. Factory production scheduling and production tracking
  17. Monitoring all production processes.
  18. Ensuring preparation of all shipping documents.
  19. Arranging final inspection
  20. Shipping plan and booking
  21. Ensuring shipment in due time.
Responsibilities of Apparel Merchandiser

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