Different Parts of Jeans Pant with Picture

In this article, you will learn about different parts of jeans pants as well as parts of a basic pant.

Different Parts of Jeans Pant

Parts of Jeans Pant

Pant is one of the common forms of garments which ware by both male and female to cover waist to lower part of our body. Although jeans are one type of casual dress it is becoming more popular because of comfortability, affordability, durability, availability, and style. The consumption of jeans is increasing around the world. As the demand for jeans increasing in the Asian subcontinent, many industries already established in this region. Jeans pants are made from denim, a special type of fabric. The world consumption of denim is for Jeans pant is much compared with other forms of dresses. So if you want to get into the market or you want to involve in the jeans pant business then you must know the different parts of the jeans pant. If you have detail knowledge of parts of pants, then it will be helpful for you to make stylish and comfortable jeans pants for men.

If you want to know more about jeans fashion, you can also look at its matching items. In life, we see ripped jeans, patchwork jeans, and a lot of fashion for adding Custom Patches to jeans. Since denim is such a durable and versatile material, fashionistas will add personalized patches to change the traditional look and also sew them over the holes to give it a new look.

Custom Patches

Different Parts of Jeans Pant

There are fifteen different parts of jeans pant you can identify from the following anatomy analysis of jeans pant

  1. Waist Band
  2. Belt Loop
  3. Button
  4. Fly
  5. Watch Pocket
  6. Front Pocket
  7. Back Pocket
  8. Jeans Rivets
  9. Crotch Point
  10. Back Yoke
  11. Bottom Hem
  12. Back Rise
  13. Side Seam
  14. Inseam
  15. Zipper
parts of jeans pant



The waistband is made from denim fabric which surrounds our waist when we wear jeans pant or any other pants. On this waistband, we basically wear a belt to fit properly. A pair of jeans pant contains only 1 waistband on it.

Belt Loop

Belt loops are added with jeans pant so that belt can fix on it and hold the pant where we supposed to hold. There are five to seven loops are there in jeans pants. But most of the designers prefer five loops onto the waistband.


The button is used to close the top of the fly of jeans pant.

Fly of Jeans Pant

The fly is the opening part of the middle of the pant which is used to hide the zipper or button attached in there.

Watch Pocket

Watch pocket is the small pocket that places in the upper part of the front right pocket of jeans pants. The watch pocket is also known as a key holder which makes the jeans pant more attractive. There is only 1 watch pocket for Jeans pants.


In clothing, a pocket is mainly used for holding small materials but it also increases the attractiveness of cloth. A pocket is one of the main parts of the jeans pant where there are four pockets. Two-pocket are on the front side and the other two are on the backside of the jeans pant.

Jeans Rivets

In a pair of jeans pants, you may find rivets which are made of metal. Rivets actually used in the joining point of pockets of each side which not only holds the denim fabric together but also increases the attractiveness of that jeans pant.

Crotch Point

Crotch point is the joining point of two parts below the fly of jeans pant.

Back Yoke

In a pair of jeans pant, you may find yoke which is located in the backside of the pant, attached with the waistband. Back yoke ensures the close fitting of jeans pant to our body.

Bottom Hem

The bottom hem is in the bottom of the jeans pant which is folded and attached by sewing.

Back Rise

Back rise is the middle back joining point of jeans pant.


Side seam and Inseam basically the part of jeans pant where two parts joint together by sewing.


A zipper is used to close the front opening part of the jeans pant where both chain and button system can be used in jeans pant. Two buttons can be used instead of using a chain system zipper.

There is not much difference between parts of jeans pants and parts of normal pants or trousers. You may find many similarities among parts of pants and jeans pant/trouser. Here we list out 13 different parts of a basic pant. The main difference between jeans and normal pants is the fabric used for making. For jeans denim fabric is used and for pant normal fabric is used which is not categorized under the denim.

Parts of Pants

Parts of Pant
  1. Waist Band
  2. Belt Loop
  3. Button
  4. Fly
  5. Front/Side Pocket
  6. Back Pocket
  7. Crotch Point
  8. Back Yoke
  9. Bottom Hem
  10. Back Rise
  11. Side Seam
  12. Inseam
  13. Zipper

Written by: Md. Nahian Mahmud Shaikat

Different Parts of Jeans Pant with Picture

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I just have 1 question. What is it called when the *Waistband area is taller in height than usual; As if an imaginary big fat belt could be put there (IF you wanted it to) so that naturally the hem that stops at the bottom of the waistband & begins the butt cheek or back pocket part of the pants would come down lower than usual. If I want to search for jeans with a taller waistband like this – What word, term, or phrase could I type in Google for example, to find them?

  2. Hi, This is a very Impressive and also very informative post. I will share it with my friends too.

  3. 1. The back yoke ensures close fitting of the jeans to your body, but yet they all have a big gap above that. I’ve never understood why. Do you know why?

    2. What are jeans without the back yoke called? I find them more comfortable but difficult to find.


  4. 1. The gap you’re referring to above the back yoke of jeans is commonly known as “the waist gap,” and it’s a common problem that many people experience when wearing jeans. There are several reasons why this gap may occur are body shape, sizing, rise and fabric stretch

    2. Jeans without a back yoke are typically called “yokeless jeans” or “no-yoke jeans”. These jeans don’t have the typical V-shaped seam that connects the waistband to the back of the pants. Instead, they may have a straight seam or other design elements to create a seamless look at the back. Some brands may also use terms like “seamless” or “yoke-free” to describe these types of jeans.

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