5 Cartilage Earrings You Must Try This Wedding Season

Wedding season is a time when you get to experiment with different kinds of jewelry. It is a season when you can easily change your style. The best part about wedding jewelry is; it is all things attractive.

Cartilage Earrings You Must Try

Today you have a wide variety available in wedding jewelry pieces. From diamond studs to cartilage earring styles, you can take your pick. Most women choose to wear diamond studs or diamond earrings at weddings.

But cartilage earrings look equally pretty. If you can’t decide on what’s going to be your final choice, here are the 5 best Cartilage Earrings You Must Try This Wedding Season.

1. Twisted captive bead

The gold jewelry captive bead looks simply surreal. It has a unique and versatile style that will compliment every dress you wear at the wedding. It looks different, and that’s what makes it more appealing to the eyes.

As it is set in 14K yellow gold, you can be sure of its purity. It is nickel-free, and you can choose from three metal styles available – rose gold, yellow and white. It is time for you to go beyond the normal and choose a style that resonates with your personal style. It is simple, but it looks elegant, so you need to add this one to your collection.

2. Moon cartilage earrings

If you want to look different at weddings, then choose the super moon cartilage earring style. It symbolizes the life changes which matters the most. It features small diamonds, which give it a radiant shine.

When you will wear this at night at any wedding reception, it will make your ears glow. It is set in 14K yellow gold and is completely nickel-free. The internally threaded feature of the earring ensures you a comfortable fit. It uses white metal, which perfectly blends with the moon design to make it look pretty.

3. Evil eye diamond stud

Evil eyes on your wedding day are certainly a great idea. The design is amazing, and it features a genuine blue topaz. The earrings’ style will perfectly complement your wedding gown to make you look ultra-glam.

The design is encircled in 16 elegant diamond pieces that truly make the earrings stand out. The earring style is set in 14K yellow gold metal, which gives it a perfect shine. It is also available in white and rose metal. As its internally threaded, it is comfortable.

4. Diamond cross back earrings

A diamond cross style is great for your wedding day. It is a perfect blend of art and style. The diamond pieces on the earrings make it look super sparkling. The earring style is nickel-free and is set in 14K yellow gold. The dainty flat back makes it super comfortable. You can also customize the metal choice.

5. Gold hoop clicker ring

This style can make you look more trendy on your D-day. It is set in 14K gold and is completely nickel-free. The dangling gold chains set in the hoop style make it look classy. It will surely enhance your wedding jewelry look.

To Sum up,

Cartilage earring style not only looks appealing but also elegant. These earrings can give a new dimension to your wedding look. Consider some best options available.

5 Cartilage Earrings You Must Try This Wedding Season

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