Wearing jewelry at the Workplace: How to do it Right

What’s your company’s policy on wearing jewelry? If the company allows jewelry, all you need to do is choose something that looks professional and style it with your attire. But is the process as simple as picking what looks professional? There are a few things to consider.

Wearing jewelry at the Workplace: How to do it Right

Wearing jewelry at the Workplace

When you do it right, jewelry improves your look and mood at work. Long gone are days when women wore suits and dull designs to work. Modern official designs match perfectly with jewelry. Below are a few tips for accessorizing at work. If you have to wear one piece of jewelry from Boelry could be your best choice.

Accessorize Based on Company Policy

The way women dress to work in the bank is not the same way they dress at other companies. Most companies today have allowed women to wear modern designs. If you work in a company where the dress code is conservative, you need to take dressing cues from the dress code of most of the employees. In such a company, a beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings make you stand out while still maintaining a conservative look.

Even if your company allows jewelry, you still need to tone down the jewelry not to look excessively dress.

Keep Jewelry Limited

Your jewelry should not overshadow your attire. Because you might still handle clients, avoid going overboard that it appears to strip down your professionalism. On any day, only wear a maximum of two pieces of jewelry. You can choose earrings and a necklace, or earrings and bracelets, or earrings and bangles. If you select a third, choose small-sized jewelry – stud earrings, a centerpiece necklace, and a thin bracelet. In such a case, the necklace will be the center of attraction overshadowing other pieces of jewelry.

Choose Earrings to Stand in for Other Jewelry

If you have to wear one piece of jewelry, it should be an earring. Earrings, whether small studs or oversized rings, make you look effortless while maintaining a classy and professional look. If it is the only jewelry you wear, choose statement earrings with a pop of color.

Match Rings with Other Jewelry

Rings brighten your mood. At the office, you are always looking at your hands while typing on your keyboard, and good rings can brighten your mood. Pick colorful pieces that you will enjoy looking at all day long. For rings, you need to have more than one piece to alternate and eliminate redundancy.

Should You Wear Anklets and other Unusual Styles?

Unusual styles such as backdrop necklaces and anklets do not match formal wear. Most companies do not allow open-back shirts, so you cannot wear backdrop necklaces. For ankle bracelets, you can only wear them in more casual settings. If you work in a more relaxed position, an anklet does not look overboard. Layering and excessively large bracelets are also ideal in more casual workplaces.

The rule of thumb of wearing jewelry to a corporate office is to avoid any piece that distracts from the actual function at work. You need to subscribe to minimalist jewelry. Consider whether the company has conservative or relaxed dressing policies before choosing jewelry – what you might consider modest might be “excess” for the manager.

Wearing jewelry at the Workplace: How to do it Right

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