Textile Flow Chart

Flow Chart of Compact Yarn

Flow Chart of Compact Yarn Compact Yarn is made of cotton fiber. The compact spinning is a process where a fiber strand drawn by the drafting system is condensed before

Flow Chart of Garments Sample Making

A sample is a key to getting buyer orders. It represents the whole production. So we have to be careful about sample making. All garment manufacturers maintain all the quality

Flow Chart of Bale Management

Bale management is the first step of spinning. 40% of yarn quality comes from bale management. Good bale management gives good results in yarn manufacturing. Good mixing depends on good

Flow Chart of Rotor Yarn Manufacturing

Rotor spinning is known also open-end spinning or breaks spinning. Now it becomes very popular spinning.  Features of Rotor spinning process Yarn Coarser than carded or combed yarn Low count.

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