List of Spinning Machines for Yarn Making

Making yarn is not a simple process, it must pass through several steps to develop fiber into yarn. In case of textile engineering process, it’s requires different kinds of machines

Process Flow Chart of Jute Spinning

As jute is a long staple fiber, it is produced by a long-staple spinning process. Naturally, jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse

Introduce with High Volume Instrument

Introduce with High Volume Instrument (HVI) Advanced fiber testing system high volume instrument is used to determine fiber properties in the bale management system. It is a fiber classing system.

Flow Chart of Bale Management

Bale management is the first step of spinning. 40% of yarn quality comes from bale management. Good bale management gives good results in yarn manufacturing. Good mixing depends on good

Basic Operation in Blow Room

Blow Room: There are some methods of opening the mass of fibers into small tufts before further processing. This process of opening & clean is known as the blow room

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