How to Start Your Career as a Fresh Graduate of Textile Engineer

How to Start Your Career as Fresh Graduate of Industrial Engineer and Textile Engineer

Graduated’, we sometimes love to share it on our social networking site or celebrate the moment with friends & family. This word comes along with goals, responsibilities, career, future, etc. In the applied engineering section, Industrial Engineering and Textile Engineering are two preferred departments not only for a career but also for wide acceptance. After completing graduation from Industrial & Production Engineering or Textile Engineering, fresher sometimes fall in confusion, frustration or sometimes they are trying to move any other career field which is not relevant to their academic qualification. By reading this content, hopefully, you will get some ideas of how How to Start Your Career as a Fresh Graduate of Industrial Engineer and Textile Engineer.

Approach to select a proper career for fresh Industrial Engineer & Textile Engineer
Approach to select a proper career for fresh Industrial Engineer & Textile Engineer

Initiatives from University Life

  1. From second-year undergraduate students start their relevant courses. It is necessary to know the full course curriculum. It’s good practice to make open discussion with seniors who are in the third year or final year, to know about how to be prepared for upcoming courses or how should be inclined with the study. For textile engineering undergraduates, soft advice to know the depth & importance of choosing major in the third year, as this choice mostly defines their career.
  2. A final year student should focus on the importance of academic courses in his/her career. If he/she obtained an outstanding result, they can focus on continuing that with a vision to make footsteps in the teaching profession or maybe for BCS, government job or private job as per choices. On the contrary, if anyone unable to achieve good results then they should not crave this anymore and concentrate on what to learn. You are not getting a good score that doesn’t mean you know less. May be your choices & preferences are different. Try to think that level, don’t be frustrated. That is the golden time of your life to be prepared for the future, make yourself prepared for the result of being ‘graduated’.
  3. When you pass half of the time of the final year, it’s time to find your strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (do a SWOT analysis of yourself). For example, you have a good result (maybe CGPA 3.75 or up) focus on that & u can easily be prepared yourself for teaching profession; you have middle range CGPA and want to work for a bank or multinational company in future, focus on that; you are in low range CGPA, don’t get upset, look at your strength & opportunities. Maybe you are good at AutoCAD, maybe you completed a course on lean manufacturing, maybe you know a lot about the practical implementation of courses, then why this fear! Don’t waste your time & focus on thesis/ internship/ project which will work as a ladder to reach your desired interest area. 
  4. You just finished your final exam, continuing your thesis/ project/ internship, now it is your time to select your career!

Career Path Selection

  1. You were so busy with your courses that you didn’t get time to make a curriculum vitae or resume! If not, don’t be sad, you can make it now! Take help from google, get templates, and make your own CV, maybe you can get advice from your teachers or seniors. You are not competing to be a CEO, so no need to write your CV from a professional CV writer. Writing your CV may be a way to know yourself well & it is the first time a fresher can understand his/her strength well.
  2. You know your seniors; you are a member of your university career hunt team, try to interact with them often. You will get so many job information suited for your career. You start to open profiles in several job portals. Some of the favorite job portals are,,,, Chakrir Khobor, Job Tips, Proton Alo jobs, etc. Don’t forget to take a suitable photograph of your CV. Make a template cover letter for yourself, it is necessary for applying for some category jobs. Get yourself fully prepared.
  3. Consult yourself, your family, your seniors, your teachers or you can take help from google which type of job or career path matches your qualification. Once you set, then go for it. Apply job portal, take job circulation from seniors & apply. Oh yes, you didn’t complete your graduation yet! So what, you are ready to apply for jobs from now. If you are planning to do an earlier two steps after graduation your goals are intangible yet!
  4. You can complete some small timeline professional courses, get Microsoft (Excel, Powerpoint, Word) lessons, and make yourself an attractive package that anybody would like to grab. By this time, you complete your thesis/ project/ internship. Forget your fear, remove your shyness, erase your tag whether you are from private university or public university. you know yourself, you already made your CV, did SWOT of yours, set up career goals, applied for jobs, most importantly you are graduated now. Hurrah!

Get Into Career

  1. For textile engineers or industrial engineers (who want to choose a textile or garments sector), it is necessary to fix if you want to work in garments or textile or spinning. Then decide whether it is woven, knit, denim, lingerie, or sweater section you want to establish your career. Then divide your thoughts into several subsections like, whether you want to work in knitting, weaving, dyeing, washing, cutting, printing, sewing, finishing, quality, logistics, etc. Then draw a decision tree of several departments like Quality Management, Industrial Engineering, Planning & Co-ordination, Marketing & Merchandising, Supply Chain, Production, Operation, Procurement, etc. Do analysis from job portal JD (Job description), google & take information from seniors. Match which fields suits your potential most & which you have an interest in. Oh yes, by this time you got interview calls, Congratulations!
  2. You know your preferred area. So you are going to be ready for this competitive world. Make a self-analysis before the interview, google on a company which is interested in you, take a print of your CV, read JD properly, know basic question which may be interrogated or asked, have a fresh look, be on time & yes after 5 minutes it will be your call to attend the interview!
  3. Sometimes it may be 2 or 3 steps of interview for fresher. Logical analysis, departmental questionaries’ & verbal interview. Complete the first two steps confidently with proper time management. When you are on a verbal interview board, be confident again, be honest, be straight forward, be proper goal-oriented, try to focus them towards you by your answers, hey, it’s you, an Engineer!
  4. Maybe you will fail; maybe you will get a job offer! In the first case, focus on your goal & ready to repeat the same cycle. You are experienced & more confident than before, Congratulations! In the second case, you got the job offer, Congratulations! You are on the first step of unbound steps of your stairs. Learn, learn & learn how to reach tangible goals! Good luck!

Graduation will be a blessing if you follow mentioned three steps & twelve sub-steps. In developed countries, so many colleges & universities have counseling department where they help students to choose their career path. As in our country, this system is not available yet, we have to make our initiatives by own. Choosing the best career can change your whole life. So, it is necessary to work for this from the early stage of university life. Anyone can continue his/her higher education such as M.Sc., MBA, PGD, etc. as per choice which will add value in a career. Hope Bangladesh will get her sun-child by soon who will be confident, educated, honest, leader & can compete with the people of other developed countries.

Written by
Sharmin Akther Diba
Industrial & Production Engineer
Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology
Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Sharmin Akther Diba

How to Start Your Career as a Fresh Graduate of Textile Engineer

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