Senior Accounts Executive Job Description

A senior accounts executive is a person who is responsible for managing the accounts. This designation is the upgradation of an accounts executive post. With the upgradation of the designation, addition to many responsibilities are there. In this article, we will focus on senior accounts executive job description and qualities required to become a good senior accounts executive.

Senior Accounts Executive Job Description

Job Description of Senior Accounts Executive

As a senior accounts executive you are responsible for performing several responsibilities which is not limited to managing accounts and handling clients, you need to support the finance team by providing their necessary information for preparing key performance report. In the next section you will get the details of key responsibilities:

Senior Accounts Executive Job

Liaison Between Clients and Accounts Executive

To ensures the right track of monetary assets movement, properly keeping records of every single transaction. Suppliers need to be paid timely and buyers will pay the due accordingly. It is senior accounts executives’ responsibility to monitor and records all the movement of money and keep liaison with clients so that all accounts information’s are up to date. Supporting sales team and clients to provide them relevant accounts related information’s to take necessary actions.

Supervise the Account Executives

It is senior’s responsibility to supervise the junior executives or junior accounts executives so that they are in the right direction to manage the account records, maintain records and supporting documents which is to be submitted to the relevant department. A proper supervision may help to do the accounts executives job properly and which is responsible for smooth business operation.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Many company maintain separate accounts for every single client, especially large company or group of companies do this to avoid the haphazard in the accounting data. A senior accounts executive may responsible to maintain multiple accounts of clients and company itself. It is accounts executive responsibility to carefully maintain the accounts to avoid the mistakes at the time of record keeping and preparing financial statements.

Analyze Sales Performance

By selling the products and services company generate the revenue which is the life blood of the organization. So properly track the sales information and analyze the data to provide the information and reports to the decision makers. Sometimes sales team collect data from the accounts department and the information is prepared by the senior accounts executive.

Performing Contract Negotiation

Sometimes it is necessary to negotiate with the buyers to collect the receivable amount as early as possible and pay the due to the creditors. Senior accounts executive plays the vital role of properly negotiate and ensure the beneficial position for the company. This help the company to maintain adequate cash flow to uninterrupted services.

Qualification of Senior Accounts Executive

A successful senior accounts executive mush has the following qualification to ensure quality service for the organization and perform the job responsibilities as per requirement.

Senior Accounts Executive Qualities

Strong Interpersonal and Communication Skill

Communication is must for a corporate personnel and time to time senior accounts executive communicate with inter department and outside parties like suppliers, buyers and other stakeholders.

Analytical Skill

While preparing the financial statements or compile the data collected from the different sources need to analyze properly to identify where to record and how to record. A good analytical skill may help to identify the requirements based on the demand or situation.

Ability to Work Under Stress

Although the work of accounts executive is smooth enough to continue the accounts operation but sometime huge works pressure may come to do the job. Ability to work under pressure is a crucial quality of senior accounts executive.

Negotiation Skill

Negotiation skill helps to stay in the position where the company will always remain in win-win situation in terms of making payment and receiving the receivables. Accounts executive may help to the sales personnel to do the negotiation job while required.

Team Management

Accounts executive may manage the junior executives to do the preliminary task of accounts like record keeping, arranging vouchers, store invoice copy and others. As junior executives and executives are working in a same team, so it is accounts executive responsibility to manage the juniors.

Knowledge of Sales

As accounts executives sometimes works plays a role of sales executive, sometimes they need to do the sales but here most important things are knowledge of sales helps to determine the cash requirement for day to day operation of organization.

Expertise of MS Applications

Microsoft Office applications is pretty much handy for documentation, preparing records and presentation. Mostly the experience of operating word and excel is mandatory otherwise it can be tough for the person to manage the accounting tasks.

Experience with CRM Software

Modern accounting is mostly dependent on the digital solution to keep record to preparing financial statements and reports. A person experienced in different Oracle, SAAP, CRM software can easily manage the accounts. So it is required for senior accounts executives.

Finally, senior accounts executives have many responsibilities which may not include in this job description but according to the need of the company a person have to do the job.

Senior Accounts Executive Job Description

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