How to Get a Merchandiser Job

Many people ask how to Get a Merchandiser Job, to answer their question I am sharing my own experience so that you can have some idea.

How to Get a Merchandiser Job

General thinking about getting a job as a merchandiser

For getting a job in as merchandiser we must have a special reference, thinking so is not true. Definitely, you are thinking why am I saying this so confidently? I am saying this so confidently from my experience.

how to get a merchandiser job

How I got my first job as a trainee merchandiser?

After passing BSc engineering from textile I have been also disappointed, I was scared of thinking about my career. Most of my friends already joined on the job but I did not have a job yet.

I also wanted to get help from anybody. But in reality, I have found nothing is going well for seeking my job. Then I have taken a decision that I will not go to anybody for getting a job. I started to prepare myself by meaning that if any interview call will come; I will not let the chance to go. And I started an online application for a job and continue my study for the interview preparation.

After a few days, I have got an interview call from a company for trainee merchandiser. I present myself so confidently in the interview board and answered all questions so confidently. And I found they were so satisfied with my answers. Although there was a long list of candidates I was confident to get that job. And happens also so.

How I got my job in buying house as assistant merchandiser?

I was always eager to do the job as a merchandiser in a buying house. I told to my senior person about this. He told me don’t worry; you can apply for buying house only through this is your dream. Then I have started for applying for buying house job. And in a few days, I have got a call for assistant merchandiser job in a buying house. I never stopped my study and acquiring knowledge.

On the day of the interview, I found a lot of candidates for this post only. Female & male both were there for one post only. Whatever after finishing my interview I was so happy because I was able to answer all questions in a good manner. I was satisfied with my interview and confident also to get this job. Next day I got a call from this office for re-interview next week.

In such a way I faced three times interview for this job and I was doing well confidently. On the last day from four candidates, I was selected and got a confirmation letter. After joining here I heard that there were more than eighty candidates for this post and they found me the best one. This word makes me feel someone special for my sector.

This is my story about my job getting experience. Believe me, there is nothing better than knowledge and smartness in own sector for profession carrier. If anybody can start his/her professional carrier with his/her own way it brings so much satisfaction and confidence which happens to me.

What should you need to do to get a job as a merchandiser?

So, don’t worry if you don’t have any special reference. Avoiding wasting time to find out a reference, try to learn more and more. Read newspaper & magazine, follow up renowned blog & website and try to solve out your problem by exploring. And those are the student now; you should try to prepare your assignment very attentively. And don’t forget to practice frequently speaking English. No competition in the job sector is very high. So make yourself prepare for this competition in a proper way.

how to achieve your dream

I am sharing my story of getting a job as a merchandiser for making you motivated for study. If you have any alternative idea about getting a job then please do not hesitate to share with us. If you have any question please put your question as a comment below the post. In future will try to write about which types of question you will face on the interview board for the post of merchandiser from my experience.

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Engineer Sheikh Nurja

B.Sc engineer of textile

How to Get a Merchandiser Job

6 thoughts on “How to Get a Merchandiser Job

  1. Dear Bro,
    Hope you are feeling well today because of you get a job at Buying House as a Successful merchandiser for your best efforts. I am also disappointed for my career because I have no reference for getting a job. Please help me to get a job or how to develop my career or how to remove my frustration.
    Md.Maidul Islam
    B.Sc in Textile Engineer (DU)

  2. I have 2 years experience IE&Planing. bt merchandising job is my dream.I want to merchandising job anyone help me?

  3. I feel very proud for sharing and making a great articles about merchandising. It is easy to understand the job responsibilities and compile the quality for fresher to create massive things in career.

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