Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Ladies Overall

In this article, you will have details of Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Ladies Overall

  • Allocated ManPower = 77 Person
  • Total SMV = 32.93
  • Number of Machine = 53 Unit

Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Ladies Overall

1Front pocket position markMNL0.441
2Pocket edges hem2FL/ SCY0.321
3Pre iron pocket edgesIRON0.701
4Pocket attachSNLS1.202
5Pocket extra raw edges cutMNL0.501
6Back pocket & flap position markMNL0.521
7Fusing attach at pocket edgeIRON0.201
8Pocket edges hem2FL/ SCY0.301
9Pocket pressIRON0.701
10Pocket attach at back partSNLS1.202
11Pocket extra raw edges cutMNL0.501
12Fusing attach at flapIRON0.241
13Flap makeSNLS0.801
14Pocket flap edge cut & turn with pressIRON0.401
15Flap 1/16 topstitchSNLS0.801
16Flap 1/4 topstitchSNLS0.751
17Flap attach n topstitchSNLS0.882
18Rise join keeping front rise upto cutmark open4TH/OL0.651
19Front rise upper tackSNLS0.181
20Front & back part matchMNL0.281
21Side markMNL0.301
22Care label makeSNLS0.241
23Side seam join inserting care label4TH/OL0.801
24Sleeve mark for tape attachMNL0.441
25Sleeve tape attach & cutFOA0.882
26Sleeve & body sticker matchMNL0.351
27Insert raglan sleeve to body4TH/OL1.102
28Body mark to cutMNL0.181
29Body cutMNL0.201
30Collar fold & edge tackSNLS0.281
31Collar edge close & markSNCS0.301
32Collar tack to bodySNLS0.281
33Collar attach to body4TH/OL0.301
34Neck topstitch1FL/ CY0.421
35Zipper runner secure tack & zipper edge fold tackSNLS0.401
36Zipper edge binding & cut1FL/BIN0.561
37Binding edges tack & cutSNLS0.321
38Side seam join4TH/OL0.421
39Mark & make holeB/H0.361
40Tie cut to lengthMNL0.201
41Tie edge fold & tackSNLS0.361
42Tie edge secure to holeSNLS0.401
43Elastic press & cut to length *3IRON0.361
44Elastic sandwich tackSNLS0.401
45Elastic attach at both side of waist tunnel3TH O/L0.601
46Top & bottom part matchMNL0.281
47Tunnel part attach4TH/OL0.902
48Zipper n body markMNL0.351
49Mark & fistail cutMNL0.301
50Zipper tackSNLS0.281
51Zipper attachSNLS1.002
52Zipper base neaten4TH/OL0.161
53Zipper base secureSNLS0.181
54Elastic join as a circleDNLS0.301
55Cuff join as a circleSNLS0.301
56Elastic attach to cuff3TH O/L0.401
57Cuff fold & tackSNLS0.401
58Cuff edge close & markSNCS0.451
59Cuff attach at leg4TH/OL0.501
60Sticker remove & gmt turnMNL0.351
61Sleeve edge neaten3TH O/L0.421
62Sleeve hem1FL/ CY0.501
63Zipper topstitchSNLS1.102
64Label position markMNL0.161
65Label attachSNLS0.301
66Button position markMNL0.441
67Button attach to pocket & flapB/A1.202
68Thread trim, Zipper & button closeMNL0.651
Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Ladies Overall

Machine Summary of Ladies Overall

CodeMachine nameQuantity
SNLSSingle Needle Lock Stitch27
SNCSSingle Needle Chain Stitch2
DNLSDouble Needle Lock Stitch1
3TH O/L3 Thread Over Lock3
4TH/OL4 Thread Over Lock10
2FL/ SCY2 Needle Flat lock Small  Cylinder Bed2
1FL/ CY1 Needle Flat lock Cylinder Bed2
1FL/BIN1 Needle Flat lock Binding Machine1
B/AButton Attach2
B/HButton Hole1
FOAFeed Of The Arm2
Total No of Machines53

Manpower Summary of Ladies Overall

MNLManual (Helper)18
IRONIron With Table6
Total No of Manpower77

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Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Ladies Overall

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