Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Shimmer Dress

Shimmer dress specially made for girls which are used on different occasions around the world by the models or celebrities. The shimmer gives a girl a gorgeous look.

Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Shimmer Dress

The dress is come up with different colors with a shiny outlook. Here in this article, you will have operation breakdown, SMV, and layout of shimmer dress manufacturing. Total Manpower Requirement = 27 Person for garments production, Total Machine Requirement is 27 and Total SMV of shimmer dress manufacturing is 17.60.

Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Shimmer Dress Manufacturing
1Msr & cut tape to length & tape thru zip & l/s secureSNLS0.4420.681.0
2Attach tape to lower edge of inner collarSNLS0.6671.021.0
3Join inner & outer collar at outer edges4TH/OL0.6671.021.0
4Bluffstitch inner & outer collarSNLS0.6831.051.0
5Shoulders with / without tape4TH/OL0.6250.961.0
6Insert sleeves4TH/OL0.9201.411.5
7Mark & attach outer collar onto neck edges4TH/OL0.7501.151.0
8Mark & l/s attach frt pkt linner to frt pnl at pkt openingSNLS0.6671.022.0
9Snip, turn & l/s topstitch front pocket openings to form welt effectSNLS0.8501.301.0
10Close frt linner to bk pkt bags4TH/OL0.5000.771.5
11Secure tack pkt bags into pos at sideseamsSNLS0.7201.102.0
12Sides/sleeves long wrap inc labels4TH/OL1.5002.302.0
13Hem wrap2FL/L-C0.9171.411.0
14Mark & l/s attach zip to CF insideSNLS2.5003.842.0
15Bagout inner collar at CF neck on zipper edgeSNLS0.5000.772.0
16Neaten Centre body from collar edge to hem edge4TH/OL1.1671.791.0
17Topstitch zip into posSNLS0.6601.011.0
18Close inner collar tape seam  with loopSNLS0.7501.152.0
19Cuffs (circular) long slv dress2FL/ SCB0.8191.261.0
20iron fleece/toweling/ knitted long wrap1.1671.791.0
21Form back neck loop, msr & cut to length2FL/ CB0.1290.20

Machine Summary of Shimmer Dress

Machine TypeShort CodeRequired QTY
Single Needle Lock StitchSNLS15
4 Thread Over Lock4TH/OL9
2 Needle Flat Lock Cover Seam Small Cylinder Bed2FL/SCB1
2 Needle Flat Lock Cover Seam Cylinder Bed2FL/CB1
2 Needle Flat Lock Cover Seam Left Side Cutter2FL/L-C1
Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Shimmer Dress

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