Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Cody Manufacturing

Cody basically wears under the blazer which ensures proper fit of blazer and gives a stylish look of a person. In this article we will share Operation breakdown, SMV and layout of Cody manufacturing where SMV is 28.14, the total manpower requirement is 88, and the number of machines required is 67.

Operation Breakdown SMV Layout of Cody Manufacturing

Seq. NoBody PartOperationResourceSMVTarget (100%)Layout MP
1Front PartUpper body front two pannel match n join4T OL Auto0.401501
2PocketingPocket position markSewing Helper0.282141
3PocketingPress welt with fusing paper n markSewing Iron0.321881
4PocketingWelt attach at pocket position markSNL Auto0.521151
5PocketingPocket bag attachSNL Auto0.521151
6PocketingCut pocket mouth n form fishtailSewing Helper0.64942
7PocketingPocket liner attach at pocket positionSNL Auto0.521151
8PocketingWelt edge secure4T OL Auto0.203001
9PocketingSecure fishtaillsSNL Auto0.481251
10PocketingPocket bag close4T OL Auto0.521151
11PocketingPocket topstitch with corner closeSNL Auto0.68882
12PocketingTopstitch pocket bagsSNL Auto0.541111
13PocketingSecure pocket edgesSNL Auto0.321881
14Back PartUpper body centre back pannel match n join4T OL Auto0.252401
15Back PartTopstitch on CB seamSNL Auto0.351711
16Back PartUpper body back side two pannel match n join4T OL Auto0.401501
17AssemblyFront n back part matchSewing Helper0.252401
18AssemblyShoulder Join with/ without tape4T OL Auto0.282141
19AssemblyShoulder top-stitchSNL Auto0.302001
20AssemblySide seam4T OL Auto0.401501
21Back PartBack part mark for belt positionSewing Helper0.163751
22Back PartFusing attach at beltSewing Iron0.163751
23Back PartLeft n right side belt mark with templateSewing Helper0.203001
24Back PartLeft n right side belt make leaving open endSNL Auto0.68882
25Back PartLeft n right side belt turn with necessary scissoringSewing Helper0.302001
26Back PartLeft n right side belt topstitchSNL Auto0.68882
27Back PartBelt edge o/l4T OL Auto0.106001
28Back PartBelt edge secureSNL Auto0.163751
29Back PartBelt mark for attach with cross tackSewing Helper0.144291
30Back PartBelt attach with cross tackSNL Auto0.75802
31Back PartSecure belt joinBT0.242501
32Front PartLiner front two pannel match n joinSNL Auto0.401501
33Back PartLiner centre back pannel match n join4T OL Auto0.252401
34Back PartLiner back side two pannel match n join4T OL Auto0.401501
35AssemblyFront n Back panel matchSewing Helper0.252401
36AssemblyShoulder Join with/ without tape4T OL Auto0.262311
37AssemblyLiner side seam4T OL Auto0.361671
38LabelCare Label MakeSNL Auto0.222731
39LabelCare label tack at sideSNL Auto0.222731
40FacingFusing attach at facingFolding0.501202
41FacingArmhole facing circular joinSNL Auto0.481251
42AssemblyFacing n body markSewing Helper0.242501
43AssemblyArmhole facing tack to linerSNL Auto0.401501
44AssemblyArmhole facing attach to liner4T OL Auto0.451332
45AssemblyFacing join topstitchSNL Auto0.601002
46AssemblyBottom facing edges joinSNL Auto0.242501
47AssemblyFacing attach at bottom4T OL Auto0.302001
48AssemblyFacing join topstitchSNL Auto0.451331
49AssemblyBack neck n front facing edges joinSNL Auto0.282141
50AssemblyFacing n body markSewing Helper0.282141
51AssemblyFacing tack to bodySNL Auto0.401501
52AssemblyFacing attach to front n back neck4T OL Auto0.561072
53AssemblyFacing join topstitchSNL Auto0.70862
54LabelLabel position markSewing Helper0.144291
55LabelLabel MakeSNL Auto0.203001
56Back PartLabel attach at back neckSNL Auto0.321881
57AssemblyUpper n liner part tack at
underarms, bottom, shoulder neck point n front
SNL Auto0.80752
58AssemblyUpper n liner part seam tack at the bottomSNL Auto0.501201
59AssemblyUpper n liner part attach leaving an open edge4T OL Auto1.10553
60AssemblyBluffstitch on upper n liner part attach seamSNL Auto1.30463
61AssemblyHand to turn upper n liner partSewing Helper0.401501
62AssemblyClose open endSNL Auto0.321881
63AssemblySticker remove and GMTs turnSewing Helper0.154001
64AssemblyTopstitch around n armholeSNL Auto1.40433
65Front PartMark n make the buttonholeBH Auto0.501202
66Front PartMark for buttons x 5Sewing Helper0.154001
67Front PartButton attach x5 + 1 spareBA Auto0.481252
68AssemblyThread trim n button closeSewing Helper0.401502
Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Cody Manufacturing

SMV Summary of Cody Manufacturing

Sewing Helper4.96
Sewing Machine23.18
Sewing QI0
Finishing I/M0
Finishing QI0
Poly Helper0
Hand Tag0

Man Power Summary of Cody Manufacturing

Sewing Helper21
Sewing Machine67
Sewing QI0
Finishing I/M0.00
Finishing QI0
Poly Helper0
Hand Tag0

Machine Summary of Cody Manufacturing

4T OL Auto20
SNL Auto42
BH Auto2
BA Auto2

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Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Cody Manufacturing

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