Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Brooke Hoodies

  • SMV = 15.66
  • Manpower Requried = 56
  • Total Number of Machine Required = 45
Brooke Hoodies

Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Brooke Hoodies

Seq. NoBody PartOperationResourceSMVLayout MP
1AssemblyFront n back part matchAssistant Operator0.261
2AssemblyShoulder Join with/ without tape4T OL Auto0.361
3HoodHood two part join4T OL Auto0.321
4HoodHood band attach at hood openingFlat Bed0.351
5HoodHood edge neatenOL Cutter0.261
6HoodHood edges tack as circleSNL Auto0.241
7HoodHood n body markAssistant Operator0.301
8HoodHood tack at neckSNL Auto0.261
9HoodHood attach to body4T OL Auto0.351
10NeckBack neck bindingFlat Bed0.301
11NeckBinding edges tack n cutSNL Auto0.361
12LabelLabel position markAssistant Operator0.161
13NeckBack neck top stitch insert labelSNL Auto0.401
14SleeveSleeve n body matchAssistant Operator0.351
15SleeveInsert Sleeves4T OL Auto0.562
16LabelCare Label MakeSNL Auto0.241
17AssemblySide/ sleeve seam insert care label4T OL Auto0.702
18CuffCuff join as a circleX2SNL Auto0.281
19CuffCuffs fold in half and markAssistant Operator0.241
20CuffCuff attach at sleeve opening4T OL Auto0.502
21AssemblyBottom binding n trimsFlat Bed0.502
22AssemblyFront n back part matchAssistant Operator0.261
23AssemblySide seam4T OL Auto0.452
24AssemblyBinding at one side to another around n trimFlat Bed0.903
25AssemblyMark and side seam topstitchSNL Auto1.004
26Waist BeltElastic press,measure & cutSewing Iron0.201
27Waist BeltWaist band join as a circle n markSNDL Edg Cutter0.301
28Waist BeltElastic join as a circle & markDNL Lock Switch Auto0.301
29Waist BeltMark n make hole for eyeletSnap0.281
30Waist BeltEyelet attachSnap BA0.351
31Waist BeltSandwich elastic with waist band & tackSNL Auto0.401
32Waist BeltWaist band fold run stitchSNL[Chain STS]0.321
33Waist BeltWaist band lower edge close n markSNL[Chain STS]0.452
34Waist BeltAttach waist band to body4T OL Auto0.502
35AssemblyTop n bottom part matchAssistant Operator0.281
36AssemblyTop n bottom part tackSNL Auto0.301
37AssemblyTop n Bottom attach together4T OL Auto0.502
38AssemblySticker remove and GMTs turnAssistant Operator0.251
39CuffCuff top-stitch2NDL FL0.502
40AssemblyDrawsting insert through the waist channelAssistant Operator0.301
41AssemblyDrawsting secure at CB waist bandBT0.181
42AssemblyThread trimsAssistant Operator0.351
Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Brooke Hoodies

SMV Summary of Brooke Hoodies

Sewing Helper2.95
Sewing Machine12.71
Sewing QI0.00
Finishing I/M0.00
Finishing QI0.00
Poly Helper0.00
Hand Tag0.00

Man Power Summary of Brooke Hoodies

Sewing Helper11
Sewing Machine45
Sewing QI0
Finishing I/M0.00
Finishing QI0
Poly Helper0
Hand Tag0

Machine Summary of Brooke Hoodies

4T OL Auto15
Flat Bed7
OL Cutter1
SNL Auto12
SNDL Edg Cutter1
DNL Lock Switch Auto1
Snap BA1
SNL[Chain STS]3

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Sharmin Akther Diba
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Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Brooke Hoodies

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