Job Responsibilities of Garments HR Compliance Department

HR and Compliance are a big part to make an efficient apparel industry. The human resources compliance department deals with several rules, employees’ legal rights, laws, and acts to consider, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, abuse and sexual harassment, anti-discrimination laws, employee’s salary, and many more.

Job Responsibilities of Garments HR Compliance Department

In export garments manufacturing factories need to be 100% compliant to get an order. HR is a part of the administration.

Job Responsibilities of Garments HR Compliance Department

Job Titles of HR Compliance Department

  1. Admin & Compliance officer
  2. Executive (HR & Compliance)
  3. Assistant Manager, Manger (HR & Compliance)
  4. GM- HR, Admin and Compliance

Job responsibilities of Garments HR Compliance Department

  1. Developing, implementing and managing an organization’s compliance standard.
  2. Preparing and presenting clear and concise compliance reports to the Board.
  3. Interacting with regulators on compliance issues.
  4. Coordinating efforts related to audits, reviews, and examinations.
  5. Program Prepare and keep the documentation related to audit and compliance.
  6. Assist in developing, implementing, maintaining and reviewing of company policies, rules and regulations in compliance with all applicable employment laws and regulations.
  7. To monitor the floor for checking all kinds of compliance issues.
  8. To motivate the employees for maintaining all kind of personal safety.
  9. Train up all employees on all safety awareness issue; maintain all kinds of training records.
  10. To aware the employees regarding health and safety issues.
  11. Ensure the factories are compliance with social ethics & health and safety requirements, etc.
  12. To find out the non-compliance issues by the daily monitoring & internal audit in the factory. Conduct internal audit in the light of Labor Law, Factory Rules buyers COC & other national & international legal instruments.
  13. Monitor compliance certification BSCI, ICS, SEDEX, NEXT, INDITEX, PRIMEMARK, ACCORD & Alliance etc. and handle their different audits with requirements.
  14. Maintain and implement Accord/Alliance (fire, electrical & structural) standard for creating a safe working place.
  15. Communicate, maintain, handle and implement all social audits whether buyer & certification/membership audit as, ICS, SEDEX, NEXT, INDITEX, PRIMEMARK, ACCORD etc.
  16. Maintain every compliance mechanism/tools internally; through weekly, monthly and yearly comparative statistical report & tools.
  17. Give Suggestions to the management regarding several important pronouncement and decisions of Law & other COC.
  18. Conduct in house training for all employees on OH&S, EMS, Fire Safety, Grievance etc. as advised by factory management,
  19. To adopt, maintain and implement environmental, chemical standard as, Higg Index for the sake of the organization in a sustainable manner etc.
  20. Conduct internal H&S and Environmental assessments in a regular interval.
  21. Review and update all legal documents/certificate/license time to time by communicating with the specific authorities.
  22. Checking routine wise checklist and make report
  23. Update to management all compliance reports in regular interval etc.

HR Job Functions/Activities in Textile and Apparel Industry

  1. Coordinate interview process.
  2. Conducting appointment, termination (closing) and in-service procedures
  3. New employee orientation.
  4. Compiling, sorting and generating periodic reports.
  5. Scheduling and coordination training and orientation sessions.
  6. Attendance and absent status management.
  7. Maintain and Update Employee Personal Files.
  8. Assist to coordinate Recruitment & Selection.
  9. Manpower Planning.
  10. Management & data entries into HRMS.
  11. Handle Employee Resignation, Exit Interview, Clearance, Closing Activation and Final Settlement as required.
  12. Handle disciplinary matters, legal affairs & industrial relations related issues for all the factories. -Authorized to sign all kinds of letters related with administrative activities & disciplinary procedures.
  13. Maintain employee’s (Factory) PF investment.
  14. Performance Appraisal.
  15. Confirmation, Promotion, Increment and associate matters.
  16. Employee counseling.
  17. Arrange all the event management issues for the office in different occasion such as- Best Employee, Birthday and Farewell Program.

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Job Responsibilities of Garments HR Compliance Department

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