Fabric Consumption of a Basic Shirt

Determination of fabric consumption of any garments is not so difficult actually which problem we face during such types of calculation. we face many problems with equations during consumption calculation.

Fabric consumption of a Basic Shirt

Here , I am going to present for all of your simple way of consumption calculation of a basic shirt. I wish it will be beneficial for textile-related persons.

Main features of a nice basic dress shirt

In other words, the dress shirt is known as a formal shirt. Special features of the dress shirt are as follows-

  • A dress shirt should have a formal collar
  • It will contain full sleeve with cuff
  • It will have a full-length opening at the front from the collar to the hem
  • It will contain a clean button and stiff collar and cuff
Fabric Consumption of a Basic Shirt
Dress Shirt

For evaluating the Fabric consumption of a dress shirt at first we have to know about the basic parts of a dress shirt.

 Basic parts of the dress shirt:

  • Main body
  • Yoke
  • Sleeve
  • Collar
  • Cuff
  • Pocket
  • Placket Box
  • Top center
Shirt front
Anatomy of a shirt front


For evaluating fabric consumption nothing about the formula . It’s all about calculation sense. If you know about the area calculation of a rectangle than I want to say that we also know about the calculation of fabric consumption.

To determine the fabric consumption of any parts of a woven shirt, we have to take the reading length and the maximum width of this part. And then we have to multiply length with width to find out the area of fabric required of this part and others should be followed as unit terms.

Measurement of a basic shirt
Measurement of a basic shirt

Measurement of a basic shirt Measurement of a basic shirt


fabric width: 56”

Marker Width: 55”

So, Fabric required = 37614/55 inch

= 684 inch

= 684/36 yds/DZ

= 19 yds/DZ

So, Fabric consumption,

= 19 yds/dz+7%(wastage %)

= 19+7% of 19 yds/DZ

= 19 + 1.33 yds/DZ

= 19/12 yds/piece

= 1.58 yds/piece

In a short cut way we can find out fabric consumption of a Dress shirt in the following way:-

Calculation of fabric consumption of a Dress shirt
Calculation of fabric consumption of a Dress shirt

 Note: Short cut way of fabric consumption determination is not so accurate as an elaborate way determination system. But it is easy and time saved way.


Consumption determination is a very important term in the garments section. Thought fabric covers the greatest part of garments costing, so we should have better knowledge about fabric consumption determination.

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Fabric Consumption of a Basic Shirt

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