Pocket for Dress Shirt

An Overview of Pocket for Dress Shirt

Shirt Pocket: A pocket is one of the basic components of a shirt. There are different types of pocket which are used for a shirt even sometimes we see some shirt without a pocket. A pocket is used for bearing some light and essential things. Today I am going to introduce you some pocket for dress shirt which is mostly used for making a dress shirt.

pocket for dress shirt

Most pockets on a shirt are located on the left breast. The pocket of a shirt doesn’t really have a functional purpose. The main objective of a dress is style purpose. Never try to use your dress shirt for heavy storage purpose.

Different Types of Pocket for Shirt

    • Plain Pocket
    • Rounded pocket
    • Squared pocket
  • Hexagonal pocket

Today I am going to introduce you to some pocket which is mostly used for making a shirt.

Plain Pocket

plain pocket

Rounded pocketround pocket

Squared Pocketsquared pocket for dress shirt

Hexagonal Pocket

hexagonal pocket

You can use any pocket plain, rounded, squared, Round or Hexagonal pocket. But if you want more depth than you can try plain pocket for your dress shirt.

Among all these pocket types, round pocket and the hexagonal pocket is more popular among the teenager and executives.

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Pocket for Dress Shirt

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