Different Types of Button for Clothes

Different Types of Button for Clothes

Button: Buttons are one of the oldest and most widely used types of fastener. Buttons are generally consisting of a disk, ball, or dome-shaped fastener. They are generally attached to one piece of fabric and joined to another piece of fabric by being drawn through a hole or loop.

In modern fashion, design buttons are used for both ornamentation and objective purpose. People started to use a button from the Bronze Age. Before Renaissance age buttons were used as ornamentation purpose only. After the invention of buttonholes in the age of Renaissance, button became functional and 1830-1850 is considered as the golden age of buttons.

ornament button

The button is used as ornamentation purpose in fingerless mittens

Classification of Buttons

Depending on the attachment way

There are basically two types of a button depending on how they are attached to a piece of material.

Flat or sew-through (Hole Button)

  1. Two hole button
  2. Four-hole button

Flat button Flat Button

The thread is making to pass through the holes and the material to bind the button in place. They are made to attach with fabric by machine and hand sew also.

Shank Button

They have a connector to the back part of the button that is attached to the material with thread.

Shank button

Shank Button

Stud Button or Snap Button

They are mostly used in denim clothing such as jackets, pants, etc. Fabric goes to the middle of the top and bottom part of a snap button and they are attached by creating pressure.

picture of button shirt

Snap Button

Classification of Button Depending on Raw Materials

By which material buttons are made, depending on this factor there we will find different types of buttons. Here I am going to present some types of the name of them.

  1. Plastic button
  2. Seashell button
  3. Fabric button
  4. Coconut shell button
  5. Wooden button
  6. Pearl button
  7. Glass button
  8. Horn button
  9. Leather button
  10. Ceramic button
  11. Bakelite button
  12. Polymer clay button
  13. Vegetable ivory button etc.

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Different Types of Button for Clothes

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