5 Tips to Make a Profitable Textile Business

If you look around, most of the things we own are made from fibers or textiles. The carpet, the rug, the table cloth, and the[…]

How to Wash Your Bras by Hands – 6 Easy Steps

How to properly wash your bras is a common question for every woman, they also want to know how often bra needs to wash, what[…]

Are Textile Industries Going Green? Some Facts to Know

Consumer products always affect the environment directly or indirectly. Many textile industries manufacture different fabrics and clothing, and their waste and toxic substances without treatment[…]

5 Cartilage Earrings You Must Try This Wedding Season

Wedding season is a time when you get to experiment with different kinds of jewelry. It is a season when you can easily change your[…]

How to Properly Take Care of Your Sewing Machine

For long lasting service of sewing machine, you have to ensure regular maintenance of it. It is not necessary whether you use it regularly or[…]

List of Spinning Machines for Yarn Making

Making yarn is not a simple process, it must pass through several steps to develop fiber into yarn. In case of textile engineering process, it’s[…]

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