Ethical Issues in The Textile Industry

The textile industry is far big than we consider in our minds. Clothing, bedding are majors for this industry and further classified into subcategories. We must know the importance of ethical issues related to these major and big money-making industries at this point in life. We are going through significant environmental changes, and for this,[…]

Job Responsibilities of a Welfare Officer

A welfare officer is the one who is responsible for ensuring the welfare of workers by continuous communication with the factory management and workers. Although welfare officers are needed for all the human resources of an organization, they are mainly assigned to the factory premises to ensure the utmost interest of the workers and factory[…]

6 Door Wardrobe – Style Options to Consider Before You Buy

Wardrobes are essential items to have in homes. It is not a luxury, but it is one of the necessary things. No matter if you are a shopaholic fashionista or an average person, you are going to need one in your bedroom. It is significant to keep all the clothes organized in a single place,[…]

8 Ways to Tailored Pants Pockets for Men

Pants without pockets? Not a chance. Pockets are an integral part of your pants or trousers. Pockets are the part of your outfit that would be showing so make sure to get modish pockets tailored. The world is progressing uninterruptedly in the field of fashion and the fashion industry is chiefly dominated by women’s fashion but men’s fashion is[…]

How Textile Exhibitions Help in Developing Good Partnership?

The textile industry is the base of the fashion industry at present. We all know how fashion and styling trends have taken over the world. Almost everyone is passionate about wearing brands, especially when it comes to clothing. Even though the local market has a great variety of textiles, brands have made their own statement.[…]

How Much Do Accessories Affect Your Clothing Style?

There is no doubt that clothing makes up the central part of the outfit, but the accessories give a more significant complement than one could think. For a fashionable woman, it’s not sufficient to spend time and money on clothes. But the accessories demand equal time and money to punctuate your style. It always gives[…]

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