Sourcing Manager Job Description

Job Description of Sourcing Manager in Apparel Industry

Sourcing Manager: The person who is responsible for developing and executing the organization’s sourcing and procurement strategy to ensure better sourcing of the right product at the right time for the right price is known as a sourcing manager. Here in this article, we will discuss the sourcing manager job description in details.

This role will support the execution of sourcing projects and tactical procurement opportunities to help ensure the realization of cost savings objectives. Machine, machine parts/spare parts, fabric, trims and accessories, and many other things are required for the apparel industry. And sourcing of these materials is not easy if you do not have a good sourcing plan and you do not have a sourcing manager. For better sourcing, your company needs at least one sourcing manager.

This position (Sourcing Manager) is primarily project and task-driven with Managerial level supervision as required. Additionally, the person will be responsible for all types of sourcing that require the skills to identify cost-saving opportunities, create competitive environments, effectively negotiate, and make contracts to assure continuous availability of all required products to support the company demand.

Job Description of Sourcing Manager

Key Responsibilities of Sourcing Manager in Apparel Industry

The sourcing manager job description is mainly focused on the key responsibilities of a sourcing manager which he/she regularly need to perform. The JD of Sourcing manager includes the following key responsibilities:

  1. Define, develop, negotiate and contract strategic sourcing solutions that meet businesses’ requirements and enhance profitability by controlling or reducing costs, improving payment terms, reducing inventory and optimizing supply chain efficiencies.
  2. Identify situations in advanced where procurement involvement can increase.
  3. Develop a sourcing plan for both for local and international sources, so that fast and effectively sourcing operations are possible.
  4. Develop and administer an efficient global supply chain and monitor inventory for all global products and assist to increase growth.
  5. Need to ensure that the decision-making process is supported by technical and functional knowledge of the category and leading-edge analytical methods which encompass people, systems and financial measures.
  6. Challenge suppliers and internal customers to identify and implement innovative designs, value-add specification changes, concepts, and materials.
  7. Supervise every negotiation and provide guidelines to prepare documents for purchasing and making a contract.
  8. Monitor sourcing strategy and if any change is required to ensure better sourcing then change the strategy according to the market condition.
  9. Collaborate with the marketing team and initiate appropriate changes to the engineering team and manage all research and development process.
  10. Deeply Analyze your company’s requirements and evaluate each and every sourcing alternatives and then finally pick the right one.
  11. Perform and analysis Monthly forecasting report to ensure and maintain acceptable inventory level.
  12. Negotiate for minimizing the cost of materials and get the best possible price.
  13. Coordinate with international logistic personnel to ensure proper shipment delivery.
  14. Evaluate letter of credit documents and collaborate with accounting department to ensure timely financial obligations.
  15. Develop and implement category plans for indirect spend areas that capitalize on market opportunities and aligns with functional business requirements.
  16. Production planning, oversight, and coordination with contract manufacturers.
  17. Assisting the team with executing new product development; develop and implement quality specifications during trial productions and beyond.
  18. Forecasting production and supply needs, in coordination with the Sales Operations Manager, and budgeting accordingly.
  19. Procurement of raw materials and supplies based on the company’s demand and supply.
  20. Evaluation of quality of raw materials so that right quality materials can source.
  21. Implementation of systems to pre-empt, identify and promptly correct any operational or quality issues.
  22. Work on special projects as requested by management; supports all levels of department management and may participate in specific workgroups as requested.

Skills Required for Sourcing Manager

  1. Sourcing manager should have strong analytical, negotiation, contracting and communication skills.
  2. Should have adequate skills to develop and implement sourcing and negotiation strategies for the company.
  3. Ability to think strategically so that the company can take advantage of business processes, industry dynamics, supplier experiences, and manufacturing practices, and general market conditions, etc.
  4. Ability to perform financial analysis of the cost of every sourcing.
  5. Ability to work with various levels of the supplier from the local and international market.
  6. Excellent teamwork skills and proven aptitude to partner effectively with a wide range of stakeholders (i.e., top management, colleagues, suppliers, and internal/external customers).
  7. Ability to work independently, prioritize and multi-task while maintaining a positive and collaborative attitude.

After reading this, hopefully, you will have a clear idea of sourcing manager job description. Remember one thing is that, the job description of a sourcing manager is not limited to the above responsibilities. These may vary from company to company and industry to industry.

Written by
Md. Nahian Mahmud Shaikat

Sourcing Manager Job Description

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