What to Do with Your Old Denim Shirt Without Sewing?

What to Do with Your Old Denim Shirt

Denim is a fabric that is everyone’s favorite and never gets out of fashion. From a simple jacket to a pair of pants, denim outfits can let you put your best foot forward, and your fashionista-self can steal all the limelight and turn heads. If styling is done right, your denim outfit can also fall into the category of fancy dresses, or you can accessorize the outfit with some amazing jewelry items to get a perfect look. 

What to Do with Your Old Denim Shirt

No matter how hard we try, we are often left with old denim items in our wardrobe that we haven’t worn in years. Well, the good news is, if you have some old denim shirts, you repurpose, restyle, and reuse them, and that too without sewing. Here are some tips that will help you to completely transform your old denim tops and shirts and make them look as good as new:

Turn it into a Tank Top

If you have a regular denim shirt, consider turning it into a tank top with just a few trips. Cut out the sleeves and fabric around the shoulder area while leaving behind only the strips to convert a regular shirt into a chic tank top. You can pair it with a floppy pair of jeans or can even make it work with a skin-tight black denim. Adding a delicate chain to your look will further enhance your looks. 

Making a Button-up Shirt

If you have an enclosed denim shirt or a zipped one, you can always add buttons to transform its look. All you need is to cut it from the center and add buttons as per its length. If it is already a buttoned-up shirt, you can try replacing them with the new ones; this will surely help give your shit a new vibe. 

Fabric Painting

Who doesn’t love painting? Fabric painting is the most popular way to make your outfits look completely different from what they previously were. Even if it is a simple, colorful splash or any particular design, you can notice a major difference in your denim shirt after trying your hand at fabric painting. 


Embellishments are very common on fancy dresses. However, adding some decorative details on casual fabric like denim can also make your outfit look amazing. Be it pearls or small shiny beads, you can try gluing them on your denim shirt either in a specific pattern or can scatter them randomly. 

For Household Use and Crafts

If your denim shirt is worn out and cannot be restyled, you can still utilize it in so many different ways. For example, you can cut out into piece and use them for cleaning hard surfaces. Moreover, you can even use them as rugs since they are made up of pure cotton and other fabrics they can use a little longer. 

Denim can help in keeping you warm. You can cut your denim shirt and add some pieces from your old pants to make small quilts and use them while sitting on couches or watching TV to keep yourself warm. Besides, you can use your shirts to cover different things like a pencil holder or a pot. You won’t have to sew them, just put them together and shape them with glue. 

Denim Shirt Fabric

Get Started!

With so many amazing ideas at hand, you can start repurposing your denim shirts the way you want. You can restyle and design them to wear or use for various household purposes. The best part is, you won’t lose them in both scenarios, neither will they uselessly take space in your wardrobe. Repurpose and restyle your denim shirts right away! 

What to Do with Your Old Denim Shirt Without Sewing?

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