PP Meeting Checklist in Garments

PP Meeting: PP meeting refers to Pre-Production meeting before starting of bulk production. There are various types of garments order, types of styling and buyer requirement. So, PP meeting is very important for garments manufacturing to discuss and do all experiment for production. All department head of apparel industry present in PP meeting so that everyone can be concerned about the requirement of production. In this article, you will get an overall idea of PP Meeting Checklist in Garments. Earlier we have an article “PP meeting in apparel industry” you can read this for better understanding.

PP Meeting Checklist in Garments

Major Works of PP Meeting

Major Works of PP Meeting

  1. PP sample evaluation with approved sample
  2. Measurement evaluation
  3. Garments construction checking with approved sample
  4. Checking washing effect as per requirement
  5. Pattern correction
  6. Giving instruction to every department for their specific responsibility

PP Meeting Checklist of Apparel Industry

  1. Approved sample
  2. Approved Trim-card
  3. SHADE (with base color) Light or dark
  4. A – (abrasion) Less or Heavy
  5. T – (Tint) Heavy or less
  6. C – (coverage all dry process)
  7. H – (Hand feel) Hard or soft
  8. Styling Check with Updated PDM & seal sample
  9. Trims check with approved trims card
  10. Trims Placement check with updated PDM
  11. Match Number UPC and care label each piece
  12. All types button check
  13. Security Tack each piece
  14. Check Zipper slider open & close
  15. All hardware
  16. Attached button, Elastic Pull & check both side
  17. Belt tack stitch both end &weaving quality & belt size
  18. Belt tracking number should be same all the pieces
  19. Check inside pocket; remove stone, dust, long thread
  20. Every Snap button Open and Check, including a sharp edge
  21. Workmanship inside garments
  22. Workmanship outside.
  23. Fusing Shrinkage test report
  24. Before Wash GMTS
  25. Fabric test report and PI Sheet from the supplier
  26. Measurement within a tolerance limit
  27. Check Belt measurement
  28. Hanger, sizer check with size label After attached
  29. Pull test report for Button/Snap/ATF button
  30. Check spec with updated PDM
  31. Check with before wash spec (by CAD)
  32. Fabric shrinkage report
  33. Pattern

PP Meeting Checklist in Garments

PP Meeting Checklist in Garments .pdf

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