Garment Inspection Checklist

A garment inspection checklist is a list of items that are checked during the quality control process of garment manufacturing. The checklist ensures that all aspects of the garment, including materials, construction, and finishing, meet the specified standards and requirements. Here are some examples of items that might be included on a garment inspection checklist:

Fabric Check

Check for defects such as holes, snags, stains, or shrinkage. Verify that the fabric meets the specified weight, width, and stretch requirements.

Color Check

Check that the color of the fabric, thread, and trim match the approved sample or standard. Check for colorfastness.

Construction Check

Verify that the garment has been made according to the approved pattern and that all seams are straight and even.

Size and Fit Check

Check that the garment is the correct size and that it fits according to the approved measurement chart.

Labels and Tags Check

Check that all required labels and tags are present and properly attached to the garment. Verify that the information on the labels and tags is correct.

Accessories Check

Check that any required accessories such as buttons, zippers, snaps, or belts are present and in good condition.

Packaging Check

Check that the garment is properly packaged and that the packaging meets the specified requirements.

General Appearance Check

Check the overall appearance of the garments, and inspect for any stains, damage, holes, any thread hanging out, or any other defects.

Note: The above points can vary depending on the type of garment.

It is also worth having inspection standards followed like AQL, which is an industry-accepted standard for Inspection level, Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) is an industry-standard acceptance quality limit used to define the maximum number of defective products a batch can have while still being considered acceptable.

It is crucial to have a detailed garment inspection checklist in place to ensure that all garments produced meet the required standards and are of consistent quality.

Garment Inspection Checklist
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