Neckties: Types, Names, Uses and Fabric

What is Neckties

The neckties, therefore, are strips of silk, cotton or other fabric that fall on the chest. It is an aesthetic accessory that is worn on the shirt to camouflage the respective buttons.

The types, characteristics and uses of the neckties were varying throughout history. Nowadays, they are mostly used by men when wearing a shirt and a suit. Neckties are used in formal contexts: At work level, in a marriage, in a judicial hearing, etc.

Neckties: Types, Names, Uses and Fabric

Neckties Types, Names, Uses and Fabric of Neckties

For the tie to be hung from the chest, it should be adjusted to the neck with a knot, after making a loop in which to “stick” the head. The knot is made in the neck area and allows to adjust and unadjusted the loop, making the tie longer or shorter.

When the person wants your tie to stay straight and don’t move, you can use a tie pin. This accessory allows you to fasten your tie to your shirt.

Types of Neckties

  1. Standard neckties
  2. Slim neckties
  3. Butterfly neckties
  4. Straight Tip neckties

Standard Neckties

As the name says, the standard tie model is the traditional/standard. It is wider and originally made of silk, ideal for a classic look and for all occasions. Guys of different ages and physical types can use the standard without fear, it is very versatile and easy to match.

Where to use? In traditional events: weddings, ceremonies, graduation, among other similar.

Slim Neckties

Slim necktie models are trendy and have fallen into the taste of young people. The name also says everything about this type: It has cutting thinner, modern and stripped. Suitable for lean guys, as the chubby and bullies get the unbalanced look with the slim tie, looking like a risk in the middle of the chest – many stylists do not indicate.

Where to use? In relaxed situations and not necessarily with shirt or suit. It can be combined with plaid shirt, chino pants or jeans, among other alternate and daring looks.

Butterfly Neckties

Bow tie is also classic and very well known, ideal for Gala attire and special occasions. It is versatile and democratic, and as everything in fashion reinvents, many young people go beyond and use this type in casual look. Some are very original, others with questionable taste, but it all depends on the combination.

Straight Tip Neckties

A lot of strange people with a straight-tipped tie. In fact, she’s not popular, so she spent a lot of time missing from the market. Currently, however, some stylists have brought this accessory back to the fore. Among its characteristics are the knitting fabric and the thin shape, similar to that of the slim.

It combines with flat shirts, plaid shirts and a look that eliminates the use of the suit. For the fat ones, there are models of a wider straight tie, which combine better with the biotype.

Where to use? Working meeting, informal occasions.

How to Use and Combine Different Necktie

The color is considered the main point of a necktie, which most draws attention – quite obvious, isn’t it? Therefore, it is essential to have common sense when choosing the ideal necktie tone for each occasion.

Another gold tip is about texture, pattern and shape. The exaggeration is never good, as much as you love daring looks. In the case of necktie models, it gets even more evident and takes you more to the error than I hit.

More Tips for Using and Combining Necktie Models

  • The shirt should always be in a lighter tone than the tie. You have a face that doesn’t care about it and makes your own style, but then it’s going to break you or not the pattern making your look beautiful.
  • Try to leave the proportional combination considering color, texture and pattern, both in a casual and alternative look and a formal.
  • White and blue flat shirt are key pieces that fall well with virtually all models of necktie! In doubt, choose these types.

Now, see tips for every occasion:

Tips to Wear Tie in Different Occasions

  • Wedding: Prefer classic neckties and discreet colors. Watch out for the invitation and, in doubt, talk to the bride and groom.
  • Gala Costume: The bowtie is always the alternative in these events. Do not try to dare and draw attention with types of modernists.
  • Alternative and casual Look: bow tie in different textures, slim tie and even the straight end, depending on the occasion.
  • Day to day and work: discrete tie models. Dark and traditional colors have no error.
  • Dinners: If it’s a business dinner, prefer something conservative and classic. With friends or romantic, vary in medium tones and even warm colors.

Guide to the Most Common Types of Necktie Fabrics

Nowadays you can wear a tie with almost all sorts of clothes, the accessory that was once a symbol of the dour and old-fashioned man ended up migrating to other combinations that do not necessarily need a suit or blazer to justify the use of it and ended up gaining Stylish man’s piece status. However, knowing the types of fabrics for neckties is important to achieve the desired visual effect, because small differences in texture and brightness of each material can change the face of your look.

Types of Fabrics for Neckties

  1. Jacquard Neckties
  2. Cotton Neckties
  3. Wool Neckties
  4. Crochet Neckties
  5. Denim Necktie/Chambray
  6. Linen Necktie

From the classic jacquard to the unglued crochet there are neckties for all tastes, some more formal, others totally detached. Meet the types of fabrics for neckties and know which fit best in your style:

Jacquard Neckties

can be silk (more expensive and noble) or synthetic fabric (such as polyester, cheaper), the look is classic and extremely suitable for those who will go for a more casual look but do not want to get too relaxed or for those who do not open the suit or custom, especially at work and in formal events.

Suitable for: who enjoys a classic and elegant look, complemented with tailoring pieces, even if not the full social clothing?

Cotton Neckties

The skinny ones are very current and they look great with jeans and shirt, the prints are the most diverse, but it is worth paying attention to the Poi, small floral and Vichy type chess. Can you wear it with a suit? It does, but it will roll a downgrade in the seriousness of the costume, so avoid on very formal occasions.

Suitable for: those who like clothes lined up, but not afraid to mix styles and get something new. It’s not as classy as the Jacquard tie, but it also maintains elegance.

Wool Neckties

They give a more European and wintry touch the combination, thanks to its versatility can accompany a formal or casual look, but are not indicated for a wedding, for example, because they are not as very classy as the jacquard. Tartan or Prince of Wales chess prints are the most successful in this case, in addition to the fishbone pattern.

Suitable for: Winter looks of anyone who enjoys more full-bodied and heavy clothing. It goes well with a cardigan, a pea coat or a tweed blazer.

Crochet Neckties

They are the most casual in my opinion, adding a good texture to the look and completing even the stripped combos with an elegant twist. It is usually smooth or striped, but can also be found with poi (whites with dark background). Looks great with a cardigan and plaid shirt, for example. In the social attire works well as long as you are not in an environment with very conservative dress code.

Suitable for: who likes casual and relaxed looks and wants something different in everyday life. It was already considered a tie of a puppy, today is regarded as modern and used by detached people.

Denim Necktie/Chambray

Rarer, can be made with jeans or make a mistake with Chambray, which, visually practically gives the same. It is very detached and relax, needing careful not to leave the combination relaxed beyond the account on certain occasions. Some count, even, with clearer washes, working well in casual summer looks.

suitable for: Those who want a professional look, but maintains a certain irreverence in the way of dressing, without, however, seem exaggerated or childish. It blends well with plaid shirts and denim trousers in another shade and twill coats.

Linen Necktie

As you can imagine, its fabric is rustic and can combine very well with a casual look, with jeans and a cooler shirt, but not so it stays out of the combinations for the colder days, especially the ties that mix flax with other fibers, preventing the piece from crumpled easily.

suitable for: build a totally casual combo, including other pieces in linen, or for those who fancy the look aligned, but like to put a contrasting accessory to give style.


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Neckties: Types, Names, Uses and Fabric

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