10 Tips of How to Style Outfits Yourself

Pandemic changed our lifestyles a lot. From restricted outings and work from home, our wardrobe saw a drastic change. All your business meetings and casual outings got limited to video calling. It also affected styling and fashion sense. This article will broadly cover the 10 tips of how to style outfits yourself.

Tips of How to Style Outfits Yourself

Tips of How to Style Outfits Yourself

Staying at home was more about comfort and relaxed clothing. It made us understand what we need to keep and what is completely unnecessary in our wardrobe. However, fast fashion and online shopping tempt us to stack our wardrobes. This situation makes it difficult to find our unique style. So here we have come up with a few tips to make this task a bit easy for you. Let’s just find out how to invest in limited clothes yet make them look new and stylish every time you wear them. This situation makes it difficult to find our unique style. You don’t want to look like literally everyone else; Brandy Beavers shouldn’t look just like Samantha Jones but instead stand out as their own person.

1. Become A Better Shopper

Stop falling for the sales and attractive discount deals. These traps are responsible for filing up your closet with clothes that hardly favor your style. For a better sense of styling, you need to stick to what you are looking for. The deals on the online websites will allure you to buy things which are not required by you. Most of the time, this merchandise doesn’t match your styling, and you just end up wasting money. So, whenever you opt for online shopping, make sure to ignore these deals.

2. Find Your Style

No person is obligated to judge you on your choices and sense of styling. Every person has their way of dressing up. However, styling to look top-notch takes a lot of learning about fashion. Earlier, people confined themselves to set standards of colors and styling techniques. But in the past decade, the fashion world has widened a lot for experimentation with patterns, designs, colors and clothing types. You can now explore more and gather information from top-class designers about what suits your body type the best.

3. Don’t Buy Something for Just One Occasion

Buying clothes for a single occasion is one of the biggest reasons to crowd your closet. Panic shopping never lets you stick to your style. Mostly you end up choosing clothes that fit according to the occasion but not according to your style. This approach certainly wastes your money and you never wear the same dress again. You can just ditch buying new clothes every time. Rather, you must learn to style your old clothes with different accessories or mix and match them with other clothes owned by you.

4. Don’t Buy or Keep Something That Doesn’t Fit

Keeping the clothes which you haven’t touched in last 3 months are no way going to get picked by you in near future. It’s better to get rid of these clothes than to keep them in your closet. Wong fit will anyway make you look old. Make sure you never buy any clothes that don’t comply with your fit (unless you are pregnant). This simple rule will save you money and stop you from crowding your closet unnecessarily.

5. Color Group Matching

You must have read this tip in most of the style guiding articles. Learning to match colors will help you explore more. Before going shopping, open your closet and look at what you need and what you own. If you love all the colors, you are free to mix and match different shades of the same colors or even the different ones. People who love monochromes can play with colors by wearing contrasting accessories. Try to pick different outfits with different patterns and designs for a fresh look every time you step out.

6. Use Formal for Informal

Rather than buying a new outfit for some special occasion, try matching your formal with informal clothes. This blend will surely elevate your style. For a more casual look, you need a piece of statement jewellery and some trendy hairdos. Once you learn to choose the correct formal and informal blend, you will never like to spend a penny on these special outfits anymore. Moreover, formal clothes add a class to your overall appearance and let you stick to your style. This trick also saves you from last-minute expensive shopping.

7. Follow The Trends

Leveling up your style requires you to catch up with the ongoing trends too. There is a big difference between timeless clothes and seasonal trends. You can always stay true to your style while following the trends too. Just find the correct outfit that suits your choices. You can make alterations with jewellery, makeup and haircuts too.

8. Up-Cycling Tired Pieces

This tip basically targets the creative people out there. Just look at the clothes that you feel are outdated or need some alterations. Take out your sewing machines and scissors to create something new that matches the ongoing trends. You can even fix your clothes by stitching them yourself with a few alterations. You can even do embroidery to add a fresh look to your old unused clothes. Up cycling also helps in sustainable blank clothing and saving the environment.

9. Stock Up On the Basics

Always keep your closet stacked up with some basic outfits. This technique is also called a capsule wardrobe. This method keeps your clothes limited while fulfilling all your styling requirements. Pair of jeans, jackets, white clothes, a few accessories, and statement jewellery are some of the examples of these basic wardrobe-essentials. You just need to pick the clothes in accordance with the trends while making sure all these clothes suit your body type and style.

10. Keep in Mind That Black Is Always in Style

When in confusion, go for a black outfit. Your LBD is always going to save you at the last minute. The best part is black suits every body type, race and colour. It is mandatory to keep one black outfit staple in your closet. Black colour never gets out of the trend. Be it a t-shirt, black pair of jeans, black ball dress, gown or even your black shoes, belts, and your other accessories, all of these things deserve to be on your styling list.

10 Tips of How to Style Outfits Yourself

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