Wet Processing

Singeing: Meaning, Objectives, and Classification

Singeing: Meaning, Objectives, and Classification What is Singeing? Singing is a process of burning out the projecting fiber from the yarn or fabric surface to increase the smoothness and evenness

What is Pigments

What is Pigments? Pigments are such colorants which composed of particles that are insoluble in the application medium. They have no substantivity for the material since the particles are too

Classification of Dyes

Before discussing the classification of dyes lets have some idea of dyes and what can be the basic characteristics of dyes. What is Dyes A dye is such type of

Flow Chart of Wet Processing of Woven Fabrics

Wet processing is related to the manufactured gathering of fibers, filaments and yarns. It is a process involved with the aqueous stage of pretreatment, dyeing, printing, and finishing. Wet Processing

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