25 Different Types of Lingerie Every Women Love to Have

In this blog, we will discuss different types of lingerie which are used in day-to-day life. First, we understand what is meant by Lingerie, it is a word which is come from a French word. Which is meant by undergarments and specifically women’s underwear or night wears.

Lingeries are mostly lightweight garments that are used by women and girls. In the 20th century, many ladies wore various types of lingerie but, these garments are worn by them for hygienic reasons and to maintain their body figure to showcase a fashionable garment. But at the start of the 21st century, women wore different types of lingerie to create a beautiful body look and emphasize their bodies and make them more sexy and attractive. So, lingerie plays a significant role in enhancing one’s self-confidence and igniting passion. In this comprehensive article, we will dive into the world of lingerie, styles, and about individual taste.

25 Different Types of Lingerie

Types of Lingerie

Let’s discover and understand some common types of lingerie so that, you can become more confident while choosing or purchasing the right lingerie for you or your partner.


This Lingerie is look similar to the corset garment. It is a tight-fitting body-hugging undergarment. The primary use of this is it is preferred as an undergarment to enhance the appearance of your busy and waist part.  I have included a picture of Basque lingerie as depicted in the following figure.

Basque Lingerie
Basque Lingerie


Bodice is a type of undergarment that covers the Neck to the abdomen part of your body. In this type of lingerie usually, some hooks and laces are attached so that they can support the wearer’s breasts. It also helps the wearer to shape their bust part. You can see the image of Bodice in the figure provided below.


Corsets are intentionally worn by women to shape and sculpt the waist. They are boned with some steel or some rigid materials so that they can achieve the desired effect on their body figure. Corsets are worn to emphasize the bust and hip part with a narrower waist size.

Corset lingerie

Let’s go through some common Corset Styles

  • The Waist Cincher
  • The Bodysuit Shapewear
  • The High-Waisted Brief Shapewear
  • The Corset
  • The Tummy Control Shapewear
  • The Thigh Slimming Shapewear


It is a loose-fitting lingerie, which has length up knee- length and has Bust cups that helps you to support your chest part and often provide proper shape to them. It is widely used as a sleepwear, paired with underwear.

Body stocking

It is a  skin-tight one-piece under- garment that covers your entire body, it covers your legs and sometimes the arms of your body. Body stockings are worn as a best performance outfit by dancers or artists. These types of garments are commonly used by ladies, they are also used to shape the thighs and provide body-hugging shape


It is a sleeveless type of garment that is used to cover the upper part of your body. It is usually made up of material which has lightweight and has thin straps for holding. Here is the photograph of the Camisole is shown in the following figure. Camisole is a type of lingerie that is a woman’s loose-fitting undergarment. Camisoles are also known as camis. It has a continuous shoulder strap that holds the bust and provides support to them. There are different decorative laces and straps which end up the bust line and bottom hem which add beauty to it. Mainly women wear these camisoles at bedtime to look sweet, and stylish. And sometimes as an everyday outfit.

Camisole lingerie


Bras are also known as Brassiere. It comes under a properly fitted undergarment. It is mainly designed to provide support and cover the breast part of your body. Sometimes women wear bras for fashion and cultural reasons but its main intention is to cover and hold the boobs. Bras are the most widely used and they are manufactured with different kinds of materials which provide the best comfort to the wearer.

Here I mentioned some various Bra Styles

  • The Push-Up Bra
  • The Plunge Bra 
  • The Balconette Bra 
  • The Strapless Bra
  • The Bralette
  • The Demi Cup Bra
  • The T-Shirt Bra
28 Different Types of Bra for Women


Nowadays these types of lingerie are widely used and it become modern-style women’s underwear, it resembles a straight-hanging, sleeveless dress. As we discuss baby doll lingerie also provides similar character tics but it fits more closely around the hip as compared to baby doll lingerie. Here I mentioned some command styles of Chemise Styles

Chemise Dress
  • The Chemise
  • The Babydoll
  • The Silk Slip Chemise
  • The Lace Babydoll
  • The Satin Chemise
  • The See-Through Chemise


It is known in loose clothing style garments having lengths below or just over the knee length. Boomers are widely used in olden is, it has a big fashion market, but nowadays they are not commonly used.


Bustier is a traditionally worn undergarment. It is commonly used to lift the bust and also used to provide shape to the bust, waist, and shortly around the upper waist area.


Thongs are the most widely used underwear or swimsuit.  This is a type of garment that is simple in shape and from the back side and front side, they look like a narrow V-shape and bikini bottom respectively. Here I mentioned some famous categories of thongs which include;

  1. ThirdLove Comfort Stretch Thong
  2. Everlane The Thong
  3. Aerie Lace Trim Shine Thong Undine
  4. Hanky Panky Low-Rise Thong
  5. Calvin Klein Invisibles Thong
  6. Lululemon Namastay Put Thong
  7. Calvin Klein Carousel Thongs
  8. True&Co True Body Thong
  9. Love by GapBody Lace Thong
  10. Target Auden Cotton Thong


Negligee is a type of lingerie which generally a robe. It is available in the market at various sizes but mainly ladies use floor-length or knee-length negligees as a comfortable nightwear application. Nowadays different Negligees are available in the market having transparent textures which are made up of fine material, and bows. The picture of the Negligee is displayed.


Panties or knickers

Panties are a term mainly for clothing covering private parts. There are different sizes available of panties that perfectly fit the wearer. It contains some beautiful prints and motifs which ultimately add more sales. And some knickers are available in solid colors. There are three basic parts of knickers which include a crotch a panel, a leg waistband, and an elastic waistband. There are some knickers available with embroidery, and thin material which add a more beautiful and aesthetic look to that.

Panties or knickers

Teddy/Bra slip

Teddy is also termed a cami knicker. They are intentionally made to cover unmentionables intended for women. It is also known as a bra slip. Teddy lingerie’s hands-free around the body. These types of undergarments are most widely used by ladies because they cover their chest to tummy area. As indicated in the photo Teddy/Bra slip type of lingerie is shown.

Teddy/Bra slip


Girdle is a tight-fitting underwear that mainly supports the lower body of the wearer. Nowadays as comfort is considered a crucial aspect of any wearer. So the olden griddles are manufactured in such a way that they will use as a fashionable undergarment. But in today’s world, some people think girdles are becoming old-fashioned underwear.  Some ladies wore girdles as lingerie. How there were many ladies wearing girdles as “foundation garments”. These girdles are termed modern girdles. Girdles provide better support to the ladies’ stomach and their stomachs appear smaller and firmer in shape. The figure displays the image of a Girdle.

Corselet / Corselett

Corselets are one of the most favorite types of undergarment among the ladies category because this UG serves them both features of bra and girdle. So they are sort of establishment type of undergarment. This lingerie covers the chest to the crotch area of ladies and provides more comfort to them. Here is the photograph of Corselets shown given picture.


Many girls wear hosiery to cover their legs and feet. Nowadays different knitted fabrics are used to manufacture hosiery. They are available in the market with a low thickness which provides low opacity so that observers can see the sexy legs of ladies.

Here I mentioned some command styles of Hosiery which are as follows

  • The Classic Stockings
  • The Thigh-Highs
  • The Stay-Ups
  • The Fishnet Tights
  • The Patterned Tights
  • The Lace Top Stockings

Tap pants

Tap pants provide you with French pants in appearance. They are termed side-cut shorts or sometimes also termed dance shorts. Tap pants are mostly loose around the body that’s why they provide more comfortable for the wearer. The following figure displays the image of Tap pants.


We all saw the ladies how was G- Strings on Sea Beach or swimming pool. They are most common and one of the favorite UG worn by girls and ladies it is a type of undergarment that goes between the groin which means the crotch area covers the groin part and it is the band around the hips.  It is worn to look more sexy and bold. In many films, ladies internally wear these types of garments to look more glamorous. Here is the photograph of the G-string shown in the given figure.


Garter belt/Suspender belt/ Garter

A Garter is a type of lingerie having a limited band of fabric that is attached near to the legs to keep tight and up the tights of ladies. Many times garter belts are worn by the girls at night in their bedroom to look sexy sometimes for a wedding. Nowadays some ladies wear this garter belt and tights every day. So due to the keep them away from slipping. As indicated in the picture here is the photo of the Garter belt/Suspender belt.

Nightgown/ Nightie or nightdress

This type of lingerie has become most common in the ladies category. Mostly all women and older ladies wear nightgowns as they are loose-fitting items so they provide more comfort at bedtime. They are manufactured by special types of fabrics which includes cotton, silk, satin, and nylon. Nightgowns are available with some decorated signs example, laces, embroidery, appliqués, and prints are created on these garments to capture the lady’s eye and increase sales of stores. Nightgowns may have sleeves or may not. There were different categories of nightgowns available in the market which contain straps, cups, and string, having different styles which are within a variety of sizes, including sizes from hip-length to floor-length.


We are all aware about Pettipants are the type of underwear worn by ladies. These UG are manufactured by using cotton and trim, they are usually unsettled at the down of the legs. Their length May vary from thigh to knee. Mostly used by girls nowadays, as they are light in weight and breathable. Participants provide more comfort and flexibility to the wearer.



Nightshirts are worn by ladies at night while sleeping with or without a nightcap. It is a type of lingerie. Which are usually longer as compared to regular shirts. Their length May vary as they are below the knee, or leaving a portion of the legs uncovered, or below the knee area. Nightshirts are mostly disabled and more comfortable and they are manufactured with cotton, silk, velvet, or other breathable materials which finally provide the desired comfort to the wearer.


Teddies have different nomenclature, for example, bodysuit, one-piece swimsuit, teddy, or cami knickers but these all types come under one category of lingerie. Teddy is termed as a bodysuit or one-piece swimsuit because it fits the body properly. Teddies are more look attractive on skirts or denim for night outs. It gives a stunning and bold look to the girls who wear it. Some basic categories of Bodysuit Styles

  • The Teddy
  • The Bodysuit with Cut-Outs
  • The Sheer Bodysuit
  • The Halter-Neck Bodysuit
  • The Lace Bodysuit
  • The Long-Sleeved Bodysuit


It is a common type of lingerie, it is similar to the panties but it has a more narrower back coverage. It also has one differentiating part which is a strap. Usually, it has a thin strip of fabric or any elastic material which is in between the buttocks. Tanga provides you with minimal coverage and offers more revealing as compared to panties. So, Tanga lingerie is more comfortable and provides a better flattering fit.


In this article, we explored various types of lingerie used in day-to-day life. Lingerie is a term for undergarments and specifically refers to women’s underwear and nightwear. Here we discussed 25 different types of lingerie, including basque, bodice, corset, babydoll, body stocking, camisole, bra, chemise, bloomers, bustiers, thongs, negligees, panties, teddy, girdles, corselets, hosiery, tap pants, G-string, garter belt, nightgown, pettipants, nightshirt, Tanga, and camisole. Each type of lingerie serves a specific purpose and offers various styles and designs to suit individual preferences. Whether for comfort, support, fashion, or to feel more attractive, lingerie plays a significant role in the lives of women. So, when choosing lingerie, consider personal taste.

25 Different Types of Lingerie Every Women Love to Have
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