Potentiality of Digital Marketing in Apparel Industry

The potentiality of Digital Marketing in Apparel Industry

Before starting with the main topics have a look at what is marketing and digital marketing. Marketing is the process of identifying customer needs and satisfy the customer by providing a product or solution for that particular need. Digital marketing is the new dimension of marketing which added an extra edge to reach the customer where digital communicating devices and media are used. Digital communication is mainly depending on the internet and electronic devices. The apparel industry is now a very much competitive industry, especially if you want to do a retail business of apparel. Apparel manufacturers mainly target large buyers who will buy bulk quantity. It is easy to get a customer for old manufacturers those doing business for a longer period of time. But for newcomers, it is too tough to make an entry into this competitive business. For them, digital marketing can be a cost-effective solution. Through social media or any other Internet-based service, you can promote your products and reach to the target audience. Internet marketing is the cheapest source of digital marketing. I personally see there is a huge Potentiality of Digital Marketing in Apparel Industry in the upcoming periods.

Potentiality of Digital Marketing in Apparel Industry

You may find that the suppliers of textile and garments raw materials and accessories are using digital marketing tools to reach to you. Why not you try digital marketing for reaching your target industrial buyers.

Nowadays digital marketing, especially using the social network you can bring the best cost-effective marketing solution. Many popular brands around the world already switch to digital marketing from the traditional one for retail business. If you produce a small number of garments which is specialized or customized product and your target market is the retail store or retail market, then digital marketing is right now the best solution. This is the time we need to think of it and how we can apply and get the benefit because the future challenges of the apparel industry are to be the diversification of products.

The process of Using Digital Marketing in the Apparel Industry

=> Online Promotion => Reach to the target audience => Create Interest => Communicate => Induce to Purchase => Convert into Sales => Generate Revenue => Make Profit

Benefits of Internet Marketing for Apparel Retail Business

  • The easiest way to reach the target customer through google ads, social media ads, and promotion, android apps based ads.
  • Online marketing is the most popular form of marketing because you can promote your business for the exact target customer using customized promotions. Here through customization, you can be reached to your demographic customer (target age, sex, location, interest, levels of income).
  • Apparel Retailers using digital marketing platforms for their flexibility and lower operational cost.
  • Social media ads are the cheapest form of promotional media.
  • Boost your sales and get instant customer feedback.
  • Easy to maintain a record and monitor the buying behavior of the target customer group.

Different Dimension of Digital Marketing for Apparel Industry

  • Social media advertisement (Facebook ads)
  • Search engine advertisement (google search ads)
  • Popular Website advertisement
  • Phone apps based advertisement
  • Email Marketing

Finally, if you are smart enough then you must try digital marketing for promoting and selling your apparel items both for wholesale or retail. Both for bulk selling or customized product selling. By this, you can reach your target audience faster at a lower cost, which will boost your profit and customer basket. There is a correlation between applying digital marketing and getting a more fruitful customer. As the Potentiality of Digital Marketing in the Apparel Industry is huge, so we must think of it.

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Md. Nahian Mahmud Shaikat

Potentiality of Digital Marketing in Apparel Industry

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