Packing List in Garments Factory

A packing list is a very important document for the apparel industry. Generally, merchandisers or packing in-charge is responsible to make and delivering packing lists to related departments. The packing section does packing as per customer packing requirements that solid or asserts/ratio pack. Here in this article, you will find a sample of the Packing List in Garments Factory. Packing is done when a PO packing is completed, without giving packing list buyer QC never does a final quality inspection, packing list confirm buyer QC that a PO’s packing is closed. The packing list is very important to export documents, without the packing list commercial department cannot submit exports document for garments shipment, that’s why the packing list consider as important documents.

Information Includes in the Packing List in Garments Factory

  1. Garments maker, Specific style and buyer name
  2. Total  and size-wise order quantity
  3. Style description and color
  4. Size-wise Cut vs. Order vs. pack quantity, carton quantity
  5. Carton wise case number
  6.  Size-wise carton net and gross weight
  7. Carton measurements and Total carton CBM
  8. Total over or short pack quantity

Packing List sample of the Apparel Industry

Here I have attached a packing list sample for your easy understanding

Packing List sample of the Apparel Industry
Sample of Garments Packing List

Downloadable Packing List Excel File

If you work in the apparel industry surely the packing list is very important to document for you especially for the merchandising department. Here I am giving excel sheet to know how to make the packing list very easily, you practice packing list in excel what will give you comfort making a packing list your factory. Download garments packing list format

Packing List in Garments Factory

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