Job Responsibilities of Production AGM in Apparel Industry

A production general manager (GM) is a person, who is Head of manufacturing, the ultimate responsible person for productivity, operation, and operational staff management. Most respected people in the garments factory because of having control over the whole factory manufacturing process. He is reporting the boss of all production managers and staff. GM, DGM, AGM, or head of production whatever designation he has (based on experience) works as general manager to handle the whole production department to control store, cutting, sewing and finishing. Most of the time he is the highest-paid employee of his factory such an important person production GM is. He is the person who can communicate with top management (factory owner) for production and production-related employee’s appointment and promotion issues. This is the toughest and most important post for the garments factory, the ultimate responsible person for the company’s profit and loss. This article is all about the job responsibilities of a Garments Production general manager (GM).

Job Responsibilities of Production AGM in Apparel Industry

Operation/Production AGM/DGM/GM in Apparel Industry

Job Titles of Garments Production Head

Though different designations (vary factory wise) have seen in apparel industry, their job responsibilities are same. 

  1. Production/operation AGM
  2. Production/operation DGM
  3. Production/operation GM
  4. Head of manufacturing
  5. Head of production/operation

Reporting Authority

They report to Top management like CEO (Chief executive officer), COO (Chief operating officer), MD, DMD, Chairman, and Vice-chairman

Skills and Qualities of Garments Production Head

  1. Good leadership from mid-level to lower level
  2. Taking calculate risk
  3. Quick decision making skill in any situation. 
  4. Should be technically sound
  5. Able to understand any fancy and critical product producing
  6. Good judgment and compromise willing person
  7. Well-disciplined and productivity focused.
  8. Problem solver of all technical issue
  9. Represents the whole factory well

Production GM/DGM/AGM Job Responsibilities of Garments Manufacturing

  1. Responsible for daily production and work to achieve daily production target with buyer required quality standard
  2. Responsible for operation and operational staff control and management.
  3. Work for 100% capacity utilization and waste reduction
  4. Manage all task for smooth production, smooth final inspection pass, and on-time shipment
  5. Coordinate all department for smooth Garments manufacturing
  6. Closely monitor sewing and finishing getting the best possible output and giving direction on the floor.
  7. Setup the sewing line, check consumption, costing, and inventory.
  8. Strictly follow up hourly production and work for increasing
  9. Lead all production staff from the front and having good command on them.
  10. Ensure complete tasks to make finished goods from raw materials.
  11. Communicate always with the merchandising team and solve every production-related issues involved merchandising.
  12. Achieve maximum production by the lowest cost
  13. Appointing and interviewing all production staff and their salary fixation.
  14. Guide IE team for increasing production
  15. Giving feedback to garments Buyer and Buyer QC
  16. Communicate with top management directly when need in any issues of his garments factory.
Job Responsibilities of Production AGM in Apparel Industry

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