Garments QC File

Garments QC File

A QC file is quality control file in garments manufacturing also known as Trim Card or Garments swatch card, have all items what used in garments, Fabrics-trims for specific color and style, instruct what color and code number thread/label/zipper will be used for specific style and color. A trim card help Garments QC and production team using correct fabrics and trims in every style what exact fabrics and trims want garments buyer, consider as an important document. Generally store QC/ merchandiser make trim card, approve by buying house merchandiser. Factory merchandiser is responsible for on time QC file making, taking approval from buying house and delivering to production department. A QC file is such an important part in garments manufacturing, size set sample cannot be cut without its approval from buying house.

Garments QC File

A complete QC file includes; trim card, PDM and PO sheet, documents for QC team what needed to attach with garments, operational requirements given in PDM with specific product sketch. Without the QC file, garments quality team cannot perform their job perfectly.

Uses of Trim Card in Garments

  1. Store– to check trims and accessories by store QC after in-housed in store
  2. Sewing– to check attaching sewing trims and accessories when production running in line
  3. Finishing– to check finishing accessories weather attaching correct or not
  4. Final inspection Room– Buyer QC checks whole garments items with trim card.

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