What is Knitted Fabric

What is knitted fabric?

Knitted fabric:

Knitted fabrics provide comfortable wear to almost any garment. For getting comfortable wear we first think about knitted garments. Though it has open structure so most of the knitted garments contour to the body’s silhouette. That’s why knitted garments are so much popular as inner-wear, body wear and sportswear.

what is knitted fabric

A nice comfortable wear made by knitted fabric

Types of knitted fabric

There are basic two types of knit fabrics.

  1. Weft knits
  2. Warp knits

Weft knits

Weft knitting is the simplest method of converting a yarn into fabrics. In weft knitting loops are made in horizontal way from a single yarn. In this way inter-meshing of loops take place in a circular or flat form on crosswise basis. Most of the weft knitting is of tubular form.

Weft Knitting

Weft Knitting

Warp knits

In warp knits yarn zigzag along the length of the fabric. In warp knits the number of stitches in a row is equal of the number of separate strands of yarn. It is almost done by machine not by hand.

Warp Knitting

Warp Knitting


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