Yarn Manufacturing Abbreviations

There are lots of processes involved in different types of spinning. It is required to go through different critical processes to convert fiber into yarn and in these processes different abbreviations are used by the people working there. Whereas yarn manufacturing is continuing fiber to cone winding. If you are… Continue reading

Minimize the Risk from Your Investments

How can you Minimize the Risk from Your Investments Most of the people in this world are risk averser this means that normal people are not interested to take high risk for their investment. Although higher risk taking behavior also can be identified among the highly ambitious people. Actually they… Continue reading

Fabric Dyeing and Printing Abbreviations

Fabric Dyeing and Printing Abbreviations Whenever you are working in different sector of garments you may require having knowledge about the basic abbreviations used in these sectors, so that you can use it to the respective purpose. Here I tried to arrange some important abbreviations used by the engineers or… Continue reading

Textile and Garments Abbreviation

Important Textile and Garments Abbreviation Those people are involved with textile and garment sector must need to know several things related with this sector, because knowledge make the works easier to understand. You may find there is a common practice of using abbreviation in different situation by the professional when… Continue reading

Simple Job Description of Merchandiser

Simple Job Description of Merchandiser Merchandiser plays a very important role for getting and keeping key customers for the company through communicating and delivering the service as required. As merchandisers are responsible for contacting with clients (local or international) and make contact on behalf of the company he/she working for.… Continue reading

Quality Control of Garments Cutting Section

Quality Control of Garments Cutting Section Quality control of garments cutting section plays a vital role in garments because right measured cutting is required to get the right shape of garments product.Cutting is the first working department of garments production.  Before making a cloth you have to cut of individual… Continue reading

Factors of Garments Costing

Factors of Garments Costing The price of a garments product is depends on the all cost incurred to make it available for selling. Whenever we talk about the garments product costing, we have to consider all cost related with that product acquired or production. As merchandisers are responsible to negotiate… Continue reading

Number One Environmental Friendly Factory

Number One Environmental Friendly Factory in the World Can you guess which one is the number one environmental friendly factory in the world? I think you would not be able to guess the right one. You will be surprised to know that a factory from the developing country recently attains… Continue reading

Features of Denim Fabric

Features of Denim Fabric Now a day’s Denim is a most popular and demanding fabric around the world because of unique features of denim fabric. Denim came from the French word “Serge de Nimes”. “Jeans” produced by denim is preferable by the teenagers because it can be worn as a… Continue reading

Flow Chart of Fabric Preparatory Process in Garments

Flow Chart of Fabric Preparatory Process in Garments Finished dyed fabric is not always available for garments manufacturing process, most of the time we have to prepare the fabrics before manufacturing garment products. To ensure effective preparation we have to go through different processes, after that we get the required… Continue reading