Objects of winding

What are the objects of winding? Winding Winding is the process of transferring yarn or thread from one type of package to another to type of package. Winding is one of the most important operation in textile sector. It is mainly done in spinning mill. Rewinding is also an important… Continue reading

How to Measure Fabric Weight of Big Quantity

How to Measure Fabric weight of Big quantity To know the fabric’s weight For measuring fabric weight in large quantity we can follow the following way which now I am going to present for you. Wish it will be helpful for you who are related to textile. After reading this… Continue reading

Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh

What is the Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh Before discussing the Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh let have some idea of global market trends of denim. Global Market Trend of Denim Since the commencement, worldwide market of denim remains evergreen. Centuries ago, denim had a limited usage but… Continue reading

Famous Denim Brand in the World

What are the Famous Denim Brand in the World? Denim can be considered as the staple garment of the world as all of the people irrespective of their location, age, gender and status own a pair of jeans or two. It’s hard to find a wardrobe where there are no… Continue reading

Agency Cost

What is Agency Cost and who bears them? An agency cost is a cost of reducing agency conflict among the owner/ principal (stockholders) and managers (agent). We can also say the cost which is bears by the company to reduce the agency conflict is basically known as agency cost and… Continue reading

Conflict Between Shareholders and Creditors

What kind of agency conflict between shareholders and creditors may exist? A conflict between shareholders and creditors is common for the company which uses debt capital to form an optimum capital structure. Agency relation exists when one party works as an agent of the principal. In an organization, management works… Continue reading

Agency Conflict

What is Agency Conflict? Agency conflict is a common problem we face in an organization, this problem arises because of the difference in the interest of management, owner, and other related parties. An agency relationship arises whenever one or more individuals hire other individuals to perform some service and also… Continue reading

What is a Bond

What is a Bond? Question may arise in your mind that what is a bond. A bond is a financial instrument used by the government or corporations to collect money from the market. It provides a fixed benefit to the bondholders periodically and also at the time of maturity. Although… Continue reading

How to Become Successful in Textile Sector

How to Become Successful in Textile Sector Whether you are a textile engineer or a student of textile going to be graduated soon, you may have many confusions in your mind that from where you can start your career. The expectation of getting a job for developing career varies from… Continue reading

Calculation of Weaving Cost and Profit

Calculation of Weaving Cost and Profit There are lots of weaving factory in our country. So, it’s very important to know about the calculation of weaving cost calculation. So, today I am presenting a sample calculation of weaving cost and profit. Cost for following fabric construction    (128X60)/(20X16) Twill 100% cotton… Continue reading