Sale and Purchase of Textile and Leather Products on Globy

Textiles are used for the manufacturing of clothing and shoes, as well as for the production of bedding, bags, curtains, and many other products. Textiles are also necessary to create furniture cushions and are used for wall cladding. The scope of application of the material is expanding daily. There is an increased demand for high-quality textiles. 

Sale and Purchase of Textile and Leather Products on Globy

Today, you can order fabric not only at retail stores but also wholesale. To do this, you would need to visit one of the B2B marketplaces and go to the catalog. For instance, in the “Fabric” section on Globy, you can find products from Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, and other countries. If you like one of the items, you can place an order immediately. For this, you need to contact the supplier and specify the details of the transaction.

If you visit the Globy website, you will see that this place contains the best fabric suppliers to date. Of course, the Asian segment remains attractive, as manufacturers can offer customers the best prices and decent-quality fabrics. The material must be durable, elastic, clean, and neatly folded. Fabrics should be carefully transported and unloaded so as not to damage the structure. 

It is best to transport textiles by sea. All products can be placed in one container by selecting the FCL loading type. If you want to estimate the cost of delivery approximately, you can use a special tool on the Globy website; enter the port of departure and delivery and other parameters. Knowing the estimated cost will help in bidding with the supplier.

Leather Goods and Popular Items

Leather products do not lose their relevance. The leather market is growing every year. It should be noted that a natural product is not always in the lead. Some leatherette products make up a good competition and are purchased more often. For example, when decorating car interiors, substitute leather is often used, since it is more durable and does not dry out over time. 

Some fashionable items are also made of artificial leather, it is well-colored and retains its original appearance for a long time. Natural leather has a porous structure, and its care is not so simple. This also applies to shoes: there are more and more models made of fake leather. You can choose leather and products on the B2B marketplace. Here is the list of the most popular lots today:

  • leather suit;
  • handicraft cushion;
  • photochromic stretch fabric;
  • abaya muslim dress;
  • greige fabric;
  • leather sling bag and others.

In addition, you can find sewing supplies in the catalog. Coils with threads from India are presented to your attention. The thread can be silk, nylon, paper-based, synthetic, and linen. Woolen threads are available for sewing wool products, such as socks, sweaters, mittens, and hats. The full-color spectrum of the threads is presented. You need to contact the supplier to arrange the details of the order. If you want to purchase threads for further sale on the marketplace, then you should register as a seller and enter information about your company on the website.

Trading with Globy 

The B2B model implies the interaction of companies without the participation of individuals. The volume of the minimum batch can be found in the product description. You should keep in mind that all new Globy members can receive free social media promotion after registration. At the same time, all new companies will be checked. Firms with a bad reputation are blacklisted and lose the right to place goods. 

In the fabrics and leather section, you can place any items, and bags, as well as fabrics, leather in rolls, and other raw materials. It is recommended to make the product description accurate and give an idea of the item. If you are unable to issue a card, you can contact the marketplace consultants at any time. 

In the description of each product, you can find out whether the supplier is the manufacturer of the item. There are cases when the seller works directly with the manufacturer, that is, has a contract with the factory. In this case, you can count on a low price and high-quality fabric or leather. You should pay attention to this when choosing.

Sale and Purchase of Textile and Leather Products on Globy
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