Factors that Decrease the Garments Production

Factors that Decrease the Garments Production

Based on the demand for garments, the production process continues small scale to large scale. Many production managers get the notification that their factory production of garments is decreasing and it is one of the common problem managers have to think about. By taking effective measures it can be possible to minimize the problem of the factors that actually responsible for decreasing the garments production.

Factors that Decrease the Garments ProductionThis article is written based on the problem summary which has a considerable influence on the reduction of garments production. After reading the full article hope you will have a complete idea of problematic factors.

The main key factors that decrease the garments production

  1. Machine Problem
  2. Sewing Problem
  3. Shade Variation
  4. Late Come
  5. Accessories Problem
  6. Cutting Problem
  7. Size Mistake
  8. Delay In Input
  9. Power Failure

Machine Problem

Machine Problem (m/c) is one of the common problems of garment manufacturing factories where frequently m/c break down occurs. Due to needle break or destroy the needle head production process stopped and any other process directly related to core process like sewing process may hamper. So because a machine breaks down or there is any problem with the machine may decrease the garments production.

Sewing Problem

Another problematic factor that is responsible for garment production is a sewing problem. Sometimes it is seen that garment pieces make gathering under a Q.C table is responsible for production hamper which is known as “Alter”.

Shade Variation

Shade variation problem is one of the big problems in the garment manufacturing factory. When a different type of fabric lot is mixed with each other in the cutting section then it may create a deviation in the production floor and which ultimately decreases garments production.

Late Come

If operators and helpers come late to the workplace or become absent then the starting of the production is to be delayed and for this consequence, the production of garments also decreases for that day.

Accessories Problem

When trims and accessories are not available or respective parties failed to supply in proper time in the production floor that may delay in operations. Sometimes invalid trims and accessories make bottleneck in the production process and for this problematic factor production of garments reduced.

Cutting Problem

If there is a deviation of cutting of fabric asking by the production department from the cutting department then there will a problem of mismatch which will decrease the production. A cutting problem such as improper cutting is one of the main problems we normally found in a factory and this problem arises because of unskilled workers.

Size Mistake

In a factory, you may find garments of different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL). If mixed with each other than it will decrease the garments production.

Delay in Input

When the input supervisor doesn’t bring the required input timely then it creates ultimate production loss.

Power Failure

Inadequate power supply or failure of power is one of the considerable problematic factors which are responsible for a decrease in garments production. Although you have enough manpower you do not sufficient power to run your production process, so ultimately your production will reduce.

In addition to the above-mentioned factors there are some other important factors which are also responsible for decrease the garments production:

  • QC problems
  • Change over the time schedule
  • New layout
  • Air compressor problem
  • Embroidery problem
  • Printing problem
  • The problem of planning and proper coordination etc.
Factors that Decrease the Garments Production

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