Pattern Making in Garments

The pattern is a hard paper which is made by following each individual component for a style of garments. The appearance and fit of garments are highly dependent on each process. In the development of a garment pattern making is one of the most important steps.

Pattern Making in Garments Depends on

  1. The skill of the person
  2. Technological Knowledge.
  3. Analysis of design
  4. Experience of garments making
pattern making in garments
Pattern Making Step
  • Block pattern or Basic block
  • Working or garment pattern

Block Pattern or Basic Block

A Block pattern or basic block is an individual component of garments without any design or style. It is produced according to the exact dimension of standard body measurement where no allowance is considered.

Block patterns are made in two ways

a) Flat method

b) Modeling

Flat method

In the Flat method, the pattern of different parts of garments especially body and sleeve are made by technical drawing.

  • In technical drawing, the rule and application of the method of body measurement and its ratio depends on pattern maker.
  • This type of pattern can be made by a computer. In this case, the program of a pattern-making is stored in a computer disk.
  • This method actually comes from the modeling method.
  • This is a fast pattern making method.


The modeling method is the primary and first method of pattern making. Till now this method is used widely in the apparel industry.

  • In modeling method, Block is made with the standard body measurement of the dummy is called Toile. Toile is worn on the body of the dummy to check fittings.
  • Then toil is worn out from the body of the dummy and individual parts of toile are drawn on hard paper or board paper.
  • This method is the most efficient method of pattern making but required more time in this method.

Garments Pattern

  • On the basis of block pattern or basic block Garments pattern is made. An individual block pattern is drawn on hard paper or board paper.
  • Sewing allowance, trimming allowance, button whole allowance, dart, and pleat is considered. Individual patterns are made for individual parts of garments.
  • In the pattern, the grainline is showed by an arrow.
  • After drawing of pattern, the working pattern is separated from board paper by a knife.
  • The size and name of individual parts are written on every part.
  • Simple garments are made from the working pattern.

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Pattern Making in Garments

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